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10 Profitable Membership Ideas

Continuing on the Membership miniseries here are 10 Profitable Membership Ideas to get your teeth into. There are basically two things that you need to consider when choosing the topic of a membership site; Your own passion about the subject and The level of demand for information about the subject.

Following Your Passion

Unless you are really passionate about the topic that you choose to construct a membership website around, you are not going to be successful. Passion is contagious and it is up to you to be a carrier of passion about your topic and to infect others with your passion.

But just being passionate about a topic yourself is not enough. The second part of the successful membership website formula is that there must be a large enough demand for information about the topic. The best way to determine the level of demand is to visit the blogs and forums that are dedicated to the topic that you are considering.

If you are passionate about the topic and there is a demand for information about the topic, you have the magic formula for building a successful membership website.

Many times eager entrepreneurs will see only the possibility of a nice recurring income and jump into a membership website without thinking it through completely. When you are choosing the topic for a membership website, the ideas are nearly endless but you must choose carefully.

10 Profitable Membership Ideas

1. Fashion Tips: Men as well as women are very concerned about their appearance. They want to look stylish without looking weird. They want to be ‘today’ but they don’t really want to be ‘cutting edge’. In short, they want to dress well and most people aren’t confident about choosing clothing that is flattering as well as fitting.

2. Medical Information: You can’t give medical advice as such. That would be called ‘practicing medicine without a license’ but you can report on the newest medicines and the newest procedures that are becoming available for a whole variety of human maladies. You can report on the results of studies and trials, too.

3. Employment: There are thousands and thousands of people out there who are looking for jobs. Employment ranks close to the top of everyone’s list of concerns. Job hunting tips, job hunting information, resume writing, etc. are all topics of great concern to a great many people.

4. Professionals: There are national and international organizations for many professions like doctors for example but how about a website where those who sell gardening supplies can gather and discuss the trade or a site where beauticians can gather and exchange information?

5. Relocating: We live in a mobile society. People move from state to state and from country to country in pursuit of their professions or education. Relocating is a project that is fraught with problems. People who have relocated can help those who are about to relocate!

6. Travel: There are, of course, all kinds of sites where people can book flights and reserve hotel rooms but there aren’t many sites where travelers can exchange information about their travels.

7. Starting a Business: Because of corporate downsizing and the exportation of jobs there are people out there who are almost forced to start their own businesses. They may not have ever considered starting their own small business but now that choice is becoming more viable. They want information and they want to talk to others who have ‘taken the plunge’ so to speak.

8. Elder Care: The baby boomers are reaching the age where they are caught between having teenage or college age children and elderly parents that all need their attention and their money. Some of these boomers have found creative ways of dealing with being the middle of a generation sandwich and they can share that hard earned knowledge with those that are just beginning the process.

9. Parenting: The most important job on earth that we are ever faced with is bringing a child into this world and guiding them safely to adulthood. New parents have questions and those who have been doing it for awhile have answers. Bring the two groups together and throw in some advice from grandparents while you are at it!

10. Online Gaming: There are those who are so ‘into’ online games that it seems to be the subject that demands all of their time and attention. The only thing that gamers like better than playing online games is talking about playing online games. Gamers like to exchange information about the online games that they play.

I hope these Ideas have your mind launching into create mode. Try a few dry runs before you publish.   Thanks’ for reading

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