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Marking up products you bought for peanuts

Make easy profits on eBay every week by marking up products you bought for peanuts from secret government surplus sales: buy laptops for £45 and sell for £150. Everybody loves a bargain this we know, and what better way to tap into this trait with a combination of eBay and Government auctions. I haven’t been into eBay for ages but I know that the top sellers in this fiercely competitive market place use tried and tested tactics. They include setting up your profile page professionally along with selective products that sell… Continue reading this article

Marketing with SlideSense

Pop-up’s are more prevalent now than they ever were before, people either put up with them or move on to the next site. For me it’s a love hate relationship, if it’s a site that I visit often then I put up with them, if not then usually I move on unless the site I am visiting has crucial research material. It never fails to amaze me just how many different techniques programmers use to capture visitors… Continue reading this article

Free report Reveals 36 profitable Niches

Quick Review on Howie Schwartz free PDF report on “36 Money Pulling Niches” The book’s main theme is about niche sites and it takes you through 36 money pulling niches. Along the way it describes lots of great research techniques There are some important areas to remember when researching any niche and this free PDF niche marketing report reminds you (if you need reminding) of important research techniques to use. For example: Google related searches; every… Continue reading this article

Work At Home Bridal Consultant

Home Based Business (Full time or Part time) Do you love weddings? Do you have experience planning them? If so, you could have a job as a wedding planner or a bridal consultant. This work at home business does require more planning, but never the less this is a business you can run mostly from your home. The job of a consultant is to plan virtually every aspect of the wedding, by working with the bride and groom. For… Continue reading this article

Recommended Affiliate Programs

Here are a few affiliate programs to check out from AffiliateGuide over next couple of days. Affiliate Programs These are my pick of the best new affiliate programs this week. Skin Culture Developed in 1937, the Skin Culture Peel is a six-day facial treatment that rejuvenates and revives the skin. It has been used by over a million people worldwide with incredible results. They have high converting e-commerce websites in English, French, and Spanish. You get a 26% lifetime - and a… Continue reading this article
I'm sure you know the importance of generating leads for your business. This applies to any business, both offline and online. Of course, it's often time-consuming and expensive to acquire leads, targeted ones especially. Here is one solution that can help your efforts. You can now attract your BUYERS like a magnet with a powerful, easy to use software with just a few clicks of the mouse! in almost any niche. These are people actively looking for exactly what you… Continue reading this article

Instant Banner Creator New Features

Just got this email from the crew over at instant banner creator with their latest developements. John Merrick & Soren Jordansen have been quite busy of late. You will probably know them from but they also have other projects including as well of course as Back to Instant Banner Creator, they have just finished uploading a bunch of new cool features, so time to log back in and check the new stuff! Or sign up for free Here’s what's new 1. Resize Your Images On your "Saved Graphics" page you can now easily resize all your images. Just… Continue reading this article

How to start your own Affiliate Review Site

At the moment review sites are very popular and can be an excellent addition to your online marketing activities. There are lots of companiesbcasualthat offer ready made or turnkey sites for webmasters that want to turn a quick profit. These sites which can be one page landing sites, to full WordPress blogs are a quick and easy way to build your presence online. For the PPC enthusiast who wants to chop and change and split test then these turnkey services are ideal. Quality Counts When it comes to PPC and quality it's important… Continue reading this article

Work At Home Graphic Designer

Are you any good at art or more particularly are you a Graphic Designer? I never realized or stopped to think for that matter just how diversified this talent is in industry. One specialized area that I came across online was vehicle livery. There must be thousands of vehicles of all types that have artwork done for their company logo and colors. From small vans and cars to big articulated trucks there’s no shortage of work. Continue reading this article