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Work At Home Self Publishing E-books

PDF creation is a daily task that takes place every day on the web with a huge range of uses. When you publish your creation online, chances are that it will be in PDF format. It has many different publishing options from eBooks and Press releases to Newsletters, Ezines and collaborative office files. With online and desktop applications it’s never been easier to transfer from Word to PDF or any other range of formatting options.

Work At Home Self Publishing E-books

This is probably the most popular of uses for the PDF format and can be very profitable if you get it right. Because so many people purchase books online, a lot more than at the bookstore, self publishing is so much easier nowadays. Mainstream press can be one avenue to pursue when self publishing but it can be very competitive. If you want your voice heard then there are easier options open to you.

You can use modern self publishers that print to order and do not charge an enormous fee for publishing your book. Books are given an ISBN number and are listed on online stores like Amazon, where a lot of people today are buying books. The author can have their book in a bookstore as long as it has an ISBN. There are many ways for a self published author to “market their book” Google it!

Since you will most likely do the marketing yourself when you get your book published, you might as well self publish your book with a publisher that does print to order publishing. You will get a higher percentage of the profits with this option, and the book can be listed online. Self publishing is the preferred choice for many writers including those who have been published by press.

Two places that you can go online to self publish your book are and Both of these are well known with self publishers and print to order.

You will need to submit a PDF to Lulu in order for them to be able to print your book.

If you have a PDF converter or Adobe PDF, you can format your own book this way. They give you a choice of hardcover or soft cover as well as different sizes for your book. If you choose a plain cover with just lettering, you can get the book printed for less than $200.

The books are listed on the Lulu website and you can also get them listed on Amazon. This is a great option for those who have little money or computer skills but are able to format the book on their own. You can also pay to have the book formatted for you.

Securing your PDF Draft

It’s always advised to set up the right security for your PDF document and have a reliable PDF software application to do this. PDF files have a range of secure anti copyright options which can be password protected or set to no copy and so on.

So there you have it! If you do a bit more online research I’m sure you will find many more self publishing options.

Thanks’ for reading

Let me know if you have self published and your experiences.

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