Is Commission Ritual the real thing? As most of you are probably aware by now Brian Johnson has released his affiliate marketing course. If you are not familiar with the guy then check out some of the clips below and find out for yourself. He certainly has no shortage of admirers and as with all affiliate course releases the word is well and truly out; with scores of reviews from other webmasters and movie makers around the web.

My own feeling about these courses is mixed, his free report which I downloaded is just about compelling enough for the newbie, but for someone who has read his fair share of free reports it’s just another elaborate sales pitch. The report tunes in to the tried and tested line pullers like “It’s not your Fault” and ….

When I first got started, I floundered much like a wounded duck trying to find my way in an ocean of information overload. I found it nearly impossible to make job-ending income online, I spent far more than I made and nothing I tried worked.

I was penniless, helpless and felt defeated

You get the idea that this is yet another professionally structured sales pitch aimed at struggling newbie’s in the affiliate dead pool. The free report is in essence just another sales pitch albeit a good one, with lots of graphics of earnings and genuine heartfelt pity for the hapless affiliate marketer. Putting aside the sales pitch and looking at his strategies, the overall effectiveness   of his methods are more than doable.

The price $77 during the one week introduction, this goes up to $97 thereafter. You can trial the product over a 7 day period for $4.95 and have the obligatory 60 day money back guarantee. So you have to say that the guy is more than fair with this offer, and if you have the cash then I would certainly buy in.

The overall price for this course is quite reasonable for what you get, it’s a multi media pack containing the following…

The 130 Page Commission Ritual Manual

90+ Instant Ritual Training Videos

The Ritual Desktop Reference

Bonus Reports

Ritual Buying Keywords & Phrases

Ritual Sales Words & Phrases

So there you have it, I expect there will be testimonials filtering their way out from this course over the coming months, and it will be interesting to see the results. If you have purchased this product or know someone who has then please feel free to leave a comment and share with my readers.

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