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WordPress Marketing Friendly Theme

So if you are a regular visitor to Web-Work at home then you will have noticed my theme has changed. Oh yes and for the better! The Atahaulpa WP Theme has some pretty impressive additional options that you won’t find in many other themes excluding premium. The main reason for the changeover was page load time, less plugins and better sidebar options. The Atahaulpa theme requires less maintenance in the form of plugin upgrades as it takes over many of those jobs like SEO and custom sidebar widgets.

My intention has always been to move to a more complete working theme that doesn’t need a lot of plugins. “Now I’ve nothing against plugins but” there comes a time when you reach your breaking point especially if you have a large blog network. The differences between Flexibility and Atahaulpa themes are like night and day, I never thought I would hear myself say that. I have got so used to using Flexibility and can have a new blog up and running in two or three days fully loaded with articles. I still intend to make use of Flexibility but will gradually integrate the Atahaulpa theme for my entire network.  Below is a snapshot of what you can expect if you choose to use this theme. For a more detailed read head over to the Bytes for all Forum

Atahaulpa Theme administration

When you first login to the theme’s admin page you may be just a tad overwhelmed, I certainly was! If I thought Flexibility had a lot of options then I was in for a shock with Atahualpa’s admin section. It took me quite a while to adapt to but it was worth the time studying.  The left hand side navigation bar allows you to edit everything and I mean everything to do with styling the theme including CSS and JavaScript. What I also liked about this theme is the ability to change layout widths to any size.

Header Options

The theme comes with three preloaded jpg header images that you can set to random rotate if you so desire. I designed and uploaded my own header for WWAH and opted for just the one static image. But you can have as many as you require and set them to rotate or remain static. The Header configuration allows you to place short codes in any order and style the header to your liking; I have opted for a banner ad in the lower section, with the image header and page navigation above. You can add any number of styled bars along with your own logo. If you want, you can also add the %cats short code to include your categories in the header navigation, overall it’s very versatile. You can also pick your favicon from a large selection of images.

Header Examples:

  • %image %bar1 %logo %bar1 %pages
  • %pages %image %cats
  • %bar1 %logo %cats %bar2 %pages %bar1

Sidebar Options

Atahaulpa gives you the option to include or exclude sidebars in any order you wish, so for example you can have one page to use exclusively for say perhaps a PPC campaign without sidebars. In fact if you wanted to, you could exclude the side bars completely from your blog and turn it into a normal website. There is no end of layouts you can use for the sidebars, you can have them on the left, right or both left and right. In all there are four sidebar options which you can use (left, inner left) (right, inner right) to give you an idea, checkout the links page where I have omitted the sidebars completely. I would guess that you would have to get pretty inventive with the page layout to give it a professional look, for instance if you were to setup a review type template you would have to incorporate columns and other such elements for aesthetic value.

Browser Compatibility (faster load times)

The Atahaulpa theme is faster loading than Flexibility and I tested this theme out on Chrome, Firefox and IE8, the first two mentioned performed well with no problems, IE8 on the other hand had issues rendering the leader board ad area. Originally I had two icons on either side of the leader board ad and these were ok on Chrome and FF but were repositioned top and bottom of the ad in IE8. Anyway I repositioned the icons and things are fine, IE8 is always a pain to get right, they may be losing the browser war but they still have a heck of a lot of users worldwide.

Post Info Items

Configure a Kicker, a Byline and Footer for posts and pages by arranging these Post Info Items.

There are numerous editing options here, essentially you have a choice of different text and image options to place as mentioned above. Some examples are “navigation, author, date, tags, categories and so on. The theme comes loaded with plenty of icons for RSS feeds, email, print and many others.


Again here you can place or edit links and include HTML or JavaScript for extra widgets.

Colors and Backgrounds

There are color pickers for your text options in the body and sidebars. You will need to input hex codes for the background colors for sidebars and other areas of the theme. I used the same .png background but chose a different color. This can be configured in the Body, Text, Links Tab, just upload your background image and input the correct path.

Closing Thoughts

Overall there is a lot more work involved in styling this theme, but its well worth the effort. Like any job you do on a regular basis you get better with time. Don’t forget that this theme is free and I know that similar premium themes will cost you around $70 to $90 for a single license and around $130 for a multi license. Its important to note that the developer of this theme has put in thousands of hours so feel free to donate if you can, every little helps even if its only a few bucks.

Thanks’ for reading….. feel free to leave your thoughts

Download Atahaulpa Theme

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