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Site Builder Elite Video Promo

SiteBuilder Elite video promo (21.14 mins) Very informative video promo where Gary Nugent takes you step by step through his SiteBuilder Elite software program.

What this software does for you:

“Boost Your Adsense And Affiliate Commissions By Building 10s, 100s or 1,000s of Websites, Each With The Click of a Button!”

Monetization on steroids, and it handles Google’s duplicate content with freshly updated content.

Search engines just love this type of website because its always fresh and is constantly updating.

So watch the video and pick up some useful tips, even if you don’t buy you will at least come away more the wiser.

Boost Your Adsense And Affiliate Commissions with SiteBuilder Elite

10 Quick Tips to increase social media traffic

We have all seen the popularity and rise of social networking in 2009, 2010 will see further growth and activity. It’s fairly common knowledge now for many businesses and individuals that social media and networking plays an important role in communicating our message to the masses. If you’re online doing business or even just taking a casual interest on the Internet then here are a few tips to keep you on the right track with social media.

1. Complete your profile.

When you sign up to FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin or any other social site for the first time

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E-Commerce: 10 tips for growing your online sales

The formula for attracting traffic to your online store and persuading visitors to click through to your shopping cart comes down to simplicity; In other words, make it easy for your shoppers to do business with you.

There are dozens of convenient and affordable options to add pizzazz and personality to e-commerce ventures, from innovations in interactive marketing to distinctive product displays.

In the end, it’s a matter of deciding what is the right balance, and what trade-offs your site might experience in usability if you add in dramatic effects. Testing is essential to see what works and what doesn’t.

Remember to weigh

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Viral Marketing

The viral effect is something we as Internet Marketers use every day and is an integral part of marketing. Whether its eBooks or software there are plenty of options open to you, you can find many online services that specialise in these products. If you want to make the most out of this opportunity then you should consider signing up to a service that provides you with a constant supply of fresh in demand products.

To give you an idea of what’s available check out AX Gold, they have many membership packages to suit your budget and have excellent products, there

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Should I sell a product or a service online?

The Internet is primarily used to communicate, entertain, educate and research. It is thus no wonder that nonperishable, information-intensive products - including computers and software, books, travel, consumer electronics, magazine subscriptions - are the most popular online products at present. Content-rich sites, subscription-based sites to advertiser-supported sites focusing on a wide range of topics, have been sprouting all over the Internet.

Services such as hotel reservation, air travel and investments have successfully translated themselves to the Internet.

Unique services such as Online driving schools have been prospering. Some states in the US have set up online payment sites for Government services. Residents

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