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21 easy tips to help you Monetize your blog and make money

Monetization in its truest context is a form of practice to gain monetary funds out of something you have produced. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the real world or online, these 21 easy tips to help you Monetize your blog and make money will concentrate on the web although many can also be used offline. Now assuming that you have a web presence and have produced content on a website or a blog and assuming that you want to make money from your efforts then check out the list of tips below. The list is mainly for webmasters who may be starting out for the first time but also covers areas to broaden your options like design and presentation and includes monetization methods you may not have thought about before.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, so yes I get paid if you purchase ;-) there are also links to some great articles well worth reading from other blogs…

1. Ad Networks

It’s the most obvious monetization method around. The list is large and varied from giants like AdSense to more specialised networks like Chitika and Commission Junction. What they all have in common is widespread usability, with access for small or large webmasters. It’s good to shop around though and check out payment structures before you commit. If you want to take more control of your ad space then consider .  Don’t forget the mobile ad networks, most of the big companies have started serving ads for this network but there are specialised ones to look out for, just highlight “mobile ad networks” with Apture right here on WWAH. Here’s a comprehensive ad network list from

2. Social Media

A lot’s been said about social media about its effectiveness for marketing with negative and positive feedback, I still believe if done right it can work wonders for your reputation and authority. Social Networking is absolutely vital for any webmaster, so set time aside and build up your following and get active by sharing not just your own content but others too. Set aside at least two hours a day and concentrate only on two or three networks. Make use of sites like to streamline your sharing so as not to get duplicate entries. Hook up to some blog directories too like blogcatalog, it all counts for some great backlinks to boost your sites SERPS and gain traffic.

3. Viral Marketing

Brandable: EBooks, software, Press releases, Special Reports: all of these methods are tried and tested by all the top marketers to reach out to potential customers, by making them available on the web or to download free you are spreading your message to future potential customers. You can write a viral post that gets shared again and again over the web, like the one below.

Checkout this post from

37 Viral Post Ideas You Can Use Today

4. Affiliate Marketing

As we know this monetization method is one of the most popular methods used by millions to generate commissions. The list of different models is varied to suite anyone’s needs, here are a few of them >> Residual Income or Lifetime income where the affiliate gets repeat commissions for the lifetime of the subscriber. Lead generation or pay-per-action, CPA (cost per action) Get paid for sign ups. Most affiliates would probably agree that lifetime commissions are more beneficial, but it all depends on your strategy. CPA can also be very effective; it all depends on your promotion strategies. Pay-per-sale affiliate programs shouldn’t be written off and have their own benefits if promoted in the right way.

Sites like ClickBank and PayDotcom are loaded with thousands of affiliate programs to suite every need. If you need some inspiration for web design then try out Affiliate Themes for WordPress.

5. Niche Marketing

A more specialised type of marketing where you research a niche that has enough interest to pull in targeted search queries and monetize accordingly. Your main aim here is to identify a niche that isn’t saturated and is viable and worth your time and money. This type of marketing goes well with PPC, which if you find the right niche to target can be very cost effective and lucrative. You can find many potential customers through forums and other media via all the big search engines.

6. Direct Marketing

Get straight to the point and sell directly to your clients, this doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your website, so long as you have all the proper live call buttons and help desk contact forms available to your site visitors. Direct marketing or selling also makes use of the telephone and direct mail. You need to be organised for this type of selling and be prepared to answer your customer’s queries.

7. Video/Webinars

Take advantage of the explosion of video, if you have a compelling presentation then you can write your own cheques. Youtube is the biggest site to submit to but it’s best to syndicate your materiel through multiple video sites: Check out this article from Jack Humphrey “Video Sites Top 50” If you need help in producing presentations or need technical help, then search Youtube because you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a tutorial available.

Read This “Cashing In With YouTube Rental Service” (source: ShoeMoney)

8. Guest Author

This option has many benefits not least of all monetization, it stands to reason if you have written great content on a blog that gets more traffic than your own then you stand to gain more traffic and new subscribers which in turn eventually can convert into sales. Don’t be put off if you don’t feel that you have the writing skills as there are many blogs that have great tutorials to learn from.

Must ReadHow to Blog When You’re Not a Writer” (source: ProBlogger)

Guest Post on WWAH :-)

9. Hot Trends

Tap into Hot Trends to target site visitors search queries. There are plenty of places to look for hot trends or trending topics. When you look through the days trending topics think of how you can monetize by linking up affiliate products. Top blogs like Mashable are always ahead of the game so take a peek at how they get their information. Make use of Google Reader or similar to subscribe to hot blogs that have the latest news, also set up alerts through your Google account.

Places to start

Google Trends

What The Trend

Bing Twitter

10. Link Building

This has everything to do with positioning your blog higher in the search engines and using social networks to spread those links. You cannot ignore link building because it’s what search engines prize the most, alongside relevancy. “Link building is monetization” and it can be done in several ways, here are a few…swapping links with other relevant sites, buying directly from link services, commenting on do follow blogs, social bookmarking, and there are a bundle of software scripts that can help you submit to article directories. Get your blog on as many of the top directories as you can manage. Submit to all the major search engines. In short submit your site in as many link formats as you can, and include anchors to keywords that relate to your domain.

*Read this>> “101 Ways to Build Link Popularity” (source: SEOBOOK)

11. Small Business

Small business is a solid way to earn a living, and your blog can be a great sales vehicle. You will need to list your services and be well presented with helpful enquiry links. Here are some of the key elements you must have on your website. If you’re selling locally, or if you want to target a specific region then insert geo Meta data into your header. Get onto social networks, at the very least open a twitter and FaceBook account. Design your blog with mobile content in mind. Whatever your business is, setup alerts over the web to hone into possible leads, this can be done with Google alerts or there are plenty of professional services that offer bespoke brand monitoring (highlight “brand monitoring”) and Apture will find results for you .

12. Forums/Membership sites

Always popular and always in demand, you can either monetize established Forums and Membership sites to draw traffic to your site, or you can create your own. Whenever you comment on these sites make it count to build up your authority. Forum scripts come in Free or Premium versions as do membership setups. If you self host then scripts are usually available depending on your host provider.  Check the links below for more info… (free forum script) (free forum script) (free and paid membership script versions) (free and paid membership scripts versions)

13. Paid Blogging

If writing is your forte then you can earn extra money by offering your services to sites that want reviews or mentions about their products. Many of these paid to blog sites are available to join and allow you to setup alerts for new jobs. Prices vary from $8.00 for a short 250 word article up to $50.00 for more detailed and researched articles.  If you are exceptionally talented you can earn up to $200 per 1200 word article. If you checkout ProBloggers Job Board you will find a wide range of jobs available from $20.00 upwards. You can find writing assignments very easily by searching the web.

14. PPC (pay per click)

A pay per click campaign can be a very productive way to monetize search engine traffic. It’s one of those monetization methods that need careful research before you invest your hard earned. If you’re unsure about committing, then learn by reading up from the experts, or if you have the funds employ an SEO company to do it for you. It goes without saying that you need to check out the SEO firm thoroughly before you open your wallet. A sober reminder about Google: If you do go ahead and start an ad campaign make dam sure your site is up to scratch or else you may find yourself banned before you even get started. Best way to alleviate those worries is by keeping up with current best practices and standards at the source (Google AdSense).

Advice and articles: A good place to start…

15. Ecommerce

Plenty of scope here to promote your own products or any others, here’s a great list of ecommerce themes to check out >> 20 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes . There are a huge amount of designs and formats for ecommerce. To get the best out of it, promote through social media, forums and ad campaigns. You can use many WordPress plugins like ReviewAZON to pull in product feeds from Amazon and eBay. Datafeedr can be used to build entire ecommerce sites very effectively, and has access to several big affiliate feeds from the likes of Commission Junction.

16. Call to Action (Website design)

Whether you are building a list of subscribers or selling a product or service then a call to action button or graphic is extremely important to you and your business. Visual presentation and position is vital to draw attention to your product or service. To give you an idea checkout 40+ Effective Call to Action Buttons and 35+ Essential Submit Button Enhancements

17. Contests/Quizzes

Create a buzz of excitement by offering prizes for folks who participate in contests and quizzes. Set up polls to gather insights based on your own particular business model. People always like to have a go when it comes to prizes being offered. There’s no end to examples which can be found through the search engines. Just take a look at FaceBook where some companies are integrating social media contests and quizzes to help raise brand awareness.

18. Mobile Content

Mobile content is fast becoming the norm now with huge implications for anyone that has a web presence. Big players like Apple have introduced iAd for the iPhone. The iAd platform will allow the company to find out where users are and supply relevant ads to their location, think of the implications for small business. To catch up with mobile media go to Apple isn’t the only one going after the mobile market as Google Android will attest to. Think apps and then think sales…. If you have your blog configured for mobile then you open up a whole new traffic source. Search WordPress for mobile plugins.

19. Review Sites/Blogs

This is a very popular method of monetization nowadays used by bloggers and IMs alike. Automatic plugins for WordPress are plentiful and allow you to pull in various different formats for visitors to review all kinds of products. Most of the plugins are premium but are worth the cost, here are a few to get you started…

WP Robot (Choose from various review modules to create your Review site)

ReviewAZON (import full product reviews from Amazon and eBay amongst others)

WP Review Site (turns WordPress into a powerful review site engine)

20. Influence and Trendsetting (be a leader)

This has everything to do with all of the above and can propel you to dizzying heights. How you influence others sets you apart from the crowd. When you start to set trends which catch on and spread like wildfire then my friend you are unique. So what does unique mean on the web? Well it can mean a lot of things but most importantly people want to know what you think and are prepared to subscribe to your list to find out…

So think outside the box and be different and always look for the next big hot potato. Distribution of your content whether it be video or text has to reach the masses, so pick out a method that works for you and stick with it. Make it easy for subscribers and site visitors to share, recommendations are what make you.

21. Your Turn...

Do you have any more tips or advice to add to this list?

If you do then leave a comment with your recommendations
Hopefully this list has something for everyone but if you can’t find what you need then get out of Internet marketing and blogging, but if this list has fired up your desire to make it online then here are three parting shots…

1. Take ACTION

And if all else fails then become a Buddha

Further Resources *affiliate links

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Aweber (for all your email marketing needs)

Affiliate Review Site Monopoly (E-Book about Launching a Successful Affiliate Review Site)

Plugin Site Pro (Custom designed website…concentrate on marketing)

Thanks’ for reading

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