4 Ways To Promote A Work From Home Business

Some simple ways to get the word out on your programs and products plus get massive backlinks. I am going to talk about two fairly new websites and two that have been around for a bit. These websites can help get you massive backlinks, get you some traffic, and are essential for your work at home efforts.

1. amazines.com

This site has been around for a while and should be used every time you write and submit an article. You will receive backlinks to this website, which has a pretty high page rank and your articles can be grabbed by other blog owners and webmasters. These webmasters and blog owners will put your article on their websites, giving even more backlinks to your website and traffic from people reading the article and following the links. This site and method are new to a lot of you, but some of you have heard of article marketing before. This site is a key to that article marketing and one of the main places you need to place your article for your work at home business. The site is free to sign up and place articles on.

2. scribd.com

This site has also been around for a while. This site has the same importance as the one above, in the fact that it is a must for submitting articles. It is also free to sign up with and submit articles for your work at home business. The only difference is this site only accepts articles in certain formats. This can make it tricky when placing you links on your article. The best method for this site is to write or copy the article in Word. Microsoft Word will allow you to hyperlink your keywords you are targeting in the article. You then save the file and upload it. The hyperlinks will stay in place giving you backlinks in the article and allowing readers to follow the link back to your websites, products, programs, and so on.

Most of you are not new to article marketing. If you are new then article marketing is absolutely necessary for your working from home business, if you want traffic and to make sales. Some of you who are not new might be using different article submitting software. A lot of these types of software do not hit these two sites. You need to take the extra time to submit to these two sites if you want any benefit from your article marketing effort.

3. freetrafficsystem.com

This site is fairly new. This is a great system for visitors, exposure, and getting links. It is free to sign up, although they have an advanced membership that is even better. What is does is take you article you wrote and submit it to tons of blogs. This gives you backlinks, and the traffic from people reading these blogs. Now the difference is they are not submitting to blog farms that they own. People with blogs in all kinds of niches sign up to receive free articles. So you win by getting links and the blog owners win by getting constant articles. If you are a blog owner, this is a great method to get content relevant to your niche. They screen articles very closely to make sure duplicate content is not being submitted. They also teach you methods of spinning your article to avoid the same exact article being posted on multiple blogs. I won’t get into to many more details on why this is important for your work at home business because they have great tutorial videos on their site explaining what they are doing and the value of it.

4. www.thelinkjuicer.com

This is another great fairly new website. This site does cost a monthly membership fee, but they give you the first month free so you can see the value of using this system for your work from home business. This site’s methods are revolutionary SEO. This system can and will help your site by drastically increasing you backlinks in a safe, search engine friendly way. I would definitely suggest trying the 1st month free offer to see what I am talking about. Once again I will not go into much detail, because they explain the whole system and its benefits on the website.

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