5 biggest Mistakes for using the wrong PPC Landing Page

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Your landing page is I think you would agree crucial for your PPC campaign to succeed, it’s the last step for most online marketing conversions. So to make sure that you are making the best RIO, the following top 5 landing page mistakes will give you an idea what you shouldn’t be doing. Remember it’s all about your visitor and what he or she is expecting to see when they click through to your landing page. Just for a moment, step into their shoes and test out a few ads from Google, and if the resulting landing page is not what you expected then you can learn some valuable lessons to improve your own landing page conversions.

1.  Making Your Home Page the target Landing Page

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make with PPC campaigns; you should always produce a customized landing page for each keyword that you run ads on.  You have got people to click your ad using the right keywords; they now expect to find information about what they were searching for.

If you don’t have a landing page customized to the visitors search terms, they will click through to one of your competitor’s sites.

2.  Having a Confusing or Busy Landing Page

When your landing page is not clear and has no proper direction, leading the user to exactly the information that they are looking for, you will lose sales.  Potential customers do not have any patience to try and figure out where the information they want is.

You may want to put as much information about your product/service on the landing page as possible, but remember that clarity is vital.  Your potential customer should be able to find all the information they need about your product in 30 seconds or less.  You can definitely have more information available, but they should be able to pick out key points immediately. If your keywords are leading to a comparison or review, then this should be the first item that is viewable when arriving on your landing page.

3.  The Landing Page Takes Too Long to Load

Pictures are a great way to improve the look and feel of your landing page. But if you go overboard you will lose customers before they even get to your site.  This is because adding too many pictures on your landing page will result in your site taking too long to load properly. Your potential customer will tire of waiting and click the back button again, and move over to the next search result.

Focus on the quality, not the quantity of images, select one or two pictures that will improve the look of your site. Make sure to keep the size of the image in mind as well. Do not use a high resolution picture.  You can save the picture at a lower resolution and speed up the loading time of your landing page.

4.  Putting off your Customers

If you ask your potential customers to provide private information before telling them anything about your product or service, this will just scare them away. Generally people don’t like to give out private information to strangers they don’t know. You have to build trust first, but if you must ask for private information right away, keep it to a first name and an email address.  This way you still get to send more information, and they get to retain some privacy.

5.  Do not spend all your time selling

You can use a sledgehammer approach to selling your product which isn’t always a bad idea, as some visitors just want to buy, or you can use a more subtle method which will gently ease your customers buy trigger mentality. Your ultimate goal is to sell your wares. Understand that not all people will respond to the hard sell, many come to the internet for information, so oblige them. Remember your sales pitch message has already been clicked on from your PPC ad, so they have already expressed an interest in your product.

When you visitor arrives on your landing page, provide them with the information they came for in the first place. Make sure to educate them on your product/service so that they can make an informed decision.  This is a great way to build their trust in your site and show them that you’re not just trying to show them a blatant sales pitch. Present the information and let the customer make their own informed decision.

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13 comments to 5 biggest Mistakes for using the wrong PPC Landing Page

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  • Nitro RC BoatsNo Gravatar

    Thanks I am learning and posts like this are worth their weight in gold.

  • Nitro RC BoatsNo Gravatar

    Ahh shucks, thanks Bill. I'm glad you don't know my age- hehe.

  • Alabama Refinance

    Thanks for your post about PPC Mistakes. Someone targeting a landing page make a homepage. I am learning more about a proper maintain PPC campaign. Thanks.

  • Hello,
    Your welcome, How is your business doing at the moment?

  • Nitro RC BoatsNo Gravatar

    My traditional business that I’ve been running for 8.5 years has been incredibly slow due mainly to the economic crisis. I’ve since set up an online business that’s just getting started - I haven’t even made my first sale yet. But I hope to soon!

    • Bill MassonNo Gravatar

      Hi, Nitro
      I can appreciate your dilemma; it’s not good at the moment is it? I don’t know what you’re doing for your online promotion but you can get yourself more traffic by writing some articles. Pay close attention to your signature box (link back to your website) title and keywords. Start a blog with two or three posts a week and get yourself onto some of the social networks, if you haven’t yet done so join up to some forums in your niche. If you have any active PPC campaigns then do some split testing to find out which words are performing the best, you can setup a couple of blogs to start with, basically drill down which is best for you. Check out some of the posts in the PPC categories.

      Just a few pointers to help you along, you will find that online promotion is sometimes arduous but never the less very rewarding.
      Best of luck

  • Nitro RC BoatsNo Gravatar

    Thanks Bill for the great advice, I’ve posted two articles now - my second one was just published this morning.

    Just a question about the blog - how is that going to help the ranking of my main site? I like blogs but I’m not sure how it’s going to help me commercially?

    I’ve yet to get into PPC - it’s a bit of a scary world - hoping to get some decent traffic first from SEO and then see if I have something viable to go with and then I’ll start looking at PPC. Is that a good idea?

    Thanks for your help so far.

    • Bill MassonNo Gravatar

      Hi Nitro,
      Glad to here that you have published your articles,
      On the blog question; the thing is that blogs are so popular at the moment and it definitely enhances your business if you connect the two together. You must have lots of background experience in your niche and i would venture to say that people are looking for all kinds of advice about RC Boats and modeling in general.

      There are plenty of free blogs available and if you have your own hosting i would highly recommend WordPress. I am not sure about the best way to link up your site to your blog. The best thing to do is create a sub domain off your main site for example and then use fantastico to auto install on this sub domain. Then all you need to do is place a prominent link on your main site & vice versa to your blog. You can set up interactive chats along with forums or membership sites and a whole host of interactive widgets like Galleries, the list is endless.

      The great thing about WordPress is its versatility and SEO attributes which effectively means that every post is like a new web page. All in all it’s a great promotional tool, join up to the likes of MyBlogLog and hookup with over 700,000 other bloggers.
      The whole blog creation thing is a work in progress, so take your time and enjoy.

  • Nitro RC BoatsNo Gravatar

    Awesome thanks Bill - that makes a lot of sense. So basically if the blog becomes popular then you’ve got a great advertisement (link) for your main site. And then if someone’s buying and needs some answers you can point them over to the blog?

  • Acer Laptops

    Landing page optimization improves the conversions by huge number.

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