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A new look for MaxBlogBits (searching for blogger Templates)

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Well after a weekend of Grand Prix (well done to Lewis Hamilton) & soggy weather I thought I would do a bit of surfing for a new template, the reason being that blogger templates are a bit boring and frankly for a platform the size of blogger I am a little surprised of the meager offerings. So if you’re tired of the 16 default templates on offer then read on for some excellent offerings.

So anyway I discovered a couple of good blogs and other sites that offer a lot better choices, unfortunately all the good templates were in a different format & had been taken from WordPress themes, I found out from geco & Fly that Google had changed to XML. So I visited Jam’s blog and hey presto a solution, read up yourself. The thing is if your template isn’t in the XML format then you will be hard pressed to edit it in blogger, for example you can’t change any of the coulers or put your own header in.

Here are some excellent blogs & resources for templates and all sorts of tips and advice with some great comments from thankful blogger’s.

If you are not technically minded don’t be put off, the procedure is fairly straight forward with instructions to show you in an easy and helpful way. eHow- How to change your blogger template

Fresh blogger

Free Layouts - Great selection of Blogger WordPress & Facebook designs

So in the next couple of days I will be experimenting and trying out different templates, what I’ve done is created a new blog with BlogSpot just so that I can try out different layouts to see what fits the best. It will no doubt be trial and error to start with but it will be worth it just to see a nice fresh look. If you have had any experiences good or bad then post a comment, and for all those technically minded blogger’s lend a hand I see lots of blogs out there that need a fresh coat of paint.

So Watch this space and don’t be confused it really is MaxBlogBits, and let me know what you think of the new look. Be honest if you don’t like it say so, constructive criticism is a good thing after all.

Happy Blogging

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