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Ad Swap to Build your List

Ad swapping is a great way to advertise your blog and/or your products/services. There is a whole raft of ad swap options available for individuals and businesses large or small. To get the ball rolling start by trawling the forums and do some searches for online services that offer partner opportunities.

What is Ad Swapping?

An Adswap is the custom of swapping your own customer list with another marketer in a similar niche to yours. Of course in practise you don’t hand over each other’s mailing lists, but you will send out a mailing on behalf of someone else to your list, whilst they will do the same for you. You will be looking for somebody who has a product that compliments your product or service, as an example you sell PLR material and he/she sells article directory services, this would interest potential customers who want to build back links which also fits in nicely with SEO and so on. It can be any product or any service.

Ad Swap Options:

Ad Swap with your nearest neighbor; whatever niche or subject your blog/site is in, there’s bound to be similar audiences that you can interact with to gain more business, approach potential ad swap partners by compiling a short concise report detailing the key aspects of your business and the benefits of doing business with you.

Ad Swap with other Publishers who have large mailing lists, you can come to an agreement to run their promotions on your mailing list or you could do a cross promotion, this way you can both benefit from possible sales.

Find Ad Swap partners

Ad Swap Online and Joint Venture list swap services, Sell or Promote Affiliate Products online with your mail list, or joint venture partners. Plenty of these services can be found online. It’s real easy to network with other JVs; they are always fresh giveaway promotions coming out. If this is new to you then join up to one or two Joint Venture promos and get to know other marketers. You may already have had an invite in you inbox offering you opportunities to market your products.

Ezine Ad Swap Directory! Free Ezine Advertising for Ad Swapping Publishers, a great way to broaden your reach and acquire new customers. If you have your own Ezine then there are plenty of potential suitors to swap with, trade advertisements with other Ezine publishers, preferably the same niche as yourself.

Roundup/Key points

Ad swapping is one of the easiest methods to generate web site traffic. When you promote another marketers product they will doing the same for you. There is no commission setup or sales pages to worry about, it’s a straight swap and can be a lot more productive saving you time by not having to sign up to several affiliate programs. You don’t send your mailing list, you send your ad copy to the partner to post on his/her list, and they do likewise.

The usual benefits of OTOs and subscriber opt-in, once any user signs up to your offer you then have them on your list; it’s a win win situation.

You will need to send proof of your list to potential partners so be prepared to send a copy of your Aweber list or whichever mailing service you use.

Its’ advisable to limit yourself to Ad Swaps, remember it’s your list and you don’t want to dilute it by over promoting with too many partners, only solid reliable mailing lists with similar niches will do. Always check your choice of Ad swap partners diligently; you can do immeasurable damage to your own list if you don’t check out the products being offered.

Think about how to approach other marketers, don’t just blindly dive in, take your time and do your homework.

If you are really interested in Ad Swapping then download Ray Johnson’s “AdSwap MasterClass” it’s packed with information on how to get started. *This link will open on-site and gives you options to view or go to original source by clicking on the 1st icon at the top right of the popup window, you can also view large screen on site. Please be patient for the PDF to render.

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