This application is very useful if you are looking for blogs or websites to advertise on, in fact the makers push this selling point more than anything else. If you do venture into Google Adwords and have an active Google placement targeting campaign for your PPC, then this program is ideal for your business. It’s not rocket science; wouldn’t you rather be targeting high traffic website and blogs with your advertisements?

The program is simple to use and generates results in seconds, take a look at the results below for the Keyword phrases “Home Business” and “Work From Home”

As you can see from this image I have ticked all the sites that have Adsense. The list has been set to the top 10 descending sites for page rank, so we know these sites have a lot of traffic. Targeting sites like these for your ads is a highly proficient way to utilize your budget. You can set your results to any number and once you have your list of suitable sites you can the save the list to your hard drive.

AdWordsDigger in a Nutshell

  • Uncover High Traffic related sites that will allow you to advertise on them.
  • Dramatically Increase traffic to all your Adwords Campaigns.
  • Increase your projected ROI (Return on Investment), by increasing conversions and lowering your PPC.
  • Not get into trouble with Google Adwords

Making even more use of AdWordsDigger

Now apart from the obvious use of this program for your ad campaigns, you can also take advantage and the opportunity to contact the site owner. I found it particularly useful for building relationships, for example; swapping links or joining affiliate programs. In fact one of the sites that I visited as a direct result of using AdWordsDigger is now in my affiliate portfolio, I was so impressed with their site that I have created a new page on Web-Work At Home for their products. Using this application gives you the ability to drill down the sites that you are competing with and to improve your own site.

AdWordsDigger is FREE

That right folks AdWordsDigger is absolutely free; all that is required is your first name and email address. The developers are fairly active with products such as Comment Kahuna, John Cow, Portal Feeder, PPC Kahuna, Syndicate Kahuna, and Traffic Kahuna. If your active online then I’m’ sure you have come across one or two of their products. They have an excellent affiliate program with promotional banners, Organic SEO Promotion and Promotional Keywords that you can use, along with a top tracking system that follows up to keep your leads up to date with future releases.

Remember to use a tracking ID for your Adwords campaign so you know what’s working and what’s not. Always keep yourself one step ahead of your completion.

Please feel free to comment about any other programs that you feel may be of interest to my readers. Thanks for reading

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