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As an online affiliate marketer today you have an unbelievable choice of programs to pick from. For me it’s always a good practice to use as many affiliate programs as you can to bring in multiple revenue streams. This article looks into Casino Affiliate marketing and the gambling industry as an online business model in general.

I think we all know that online gambling is big business; I doubt there’s anybody who hasn’t come across a casino or bingo site on their travels. Because of its sheer size there are plenty of affiliate programs to choose from, so it’s a good idea to shop around. I found several sites that list the various games and promotional affiliate programs.


The links above should give you an idea of the different areas that you can get into; I think it is prudent to concentrate on one program at a time. You can get a little bit overrun by the amount of affiliate programs out there. It really depends on your own set up and how you want to approach the different models. I did briefly get into Poker myself and built a site around this hugely popular gambling craze, but I found that it was too time consuming. For one thing you are up against a lot of competition with well known mainstream operators. To be really successful I think you have to have a real love for Casino or Poker and start your own community and blog.

If you don’t have any real experience with Casino type affiliate programs or games you can still get quality PLR articles written for you. To be in with a chance to make money I would promote popular ClickBank gambling products and set up a quality landing page. Because it’s a big market in general it’s better to narrow down a particular Keyword or phrase and target a tighter niche. Don’t just consider Adsense for your PPC campaign; also look at Yahoo, MSN and This way you will have a broader reach for potential customers.

It goes without saying that you will need to do a lot of promoting especially if you’re not using PPC. The best way to really get into this genre is to actively participate in casino or Poker forums. There are some really good CB products you can promote and use as part of you forum signature. The social networks are useful for finding like minded people, simply do a search. You can input key search terms like “casino” or “poker” into Twitter and find plenty to talk about.

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