Well it was just another day at the office, Amazon in their wisdom have pulled the Ecommerce Web Service 3.0 and replaced it with Web Service 4.0 which has caught me completely unaware and pretty much destroyed about a dozen of my niche sites. To add to my mysery Hostgator have decided to upgrade c-panel, “which let me tell you takes a little getting use to” ! Don’t get me wrong i rather like the new setup but i would have liked to have been informed before they started their site maintenance and upgrades. And to top all of that i have had a bitch of a time trying to get to grips with the Ajax WordPress Plugin. I guess i will have to put some study time in and get on top of it. Then again mabey I should hire a Web Designer ; what do you reckon? It would certainly save me a whole lot of time and bother.

Dear old Zementa is playing up to, the pics are leaving a lot of loose formating, so i have just reverted back to my hard drive and Google Image search.  So let’s here it for all the non techies Hip Hip Hip (-: well time to chill out

Give me some cheer and tell me your story 

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