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AutoBlog Samurai Review Verdict

AutoBlog Samurai has been out for a couple of weeks now and I have looked at reviews and watched some videos on what it does and whether it’s worth purchasing. If you use Blogger then it can be useful, on the other hand if you use self hosted WordPress then there isn’t any real need for it as there is plenty of plugins that do the same job. In effect AutoBlog Samurai is a content scraper pure and simple, okay it has some editing functions and allows you to drip feed articles and so on but that’s about it.

Plagiarism issues

I won’t endorse the use of this software because it encourages plagiarism, you can see for yourself from the video below set up by Matt Garret. It shows you how to mine RSS feeds and pull them into the software for posting. There’s a whole load more videos available on the search engines.

If I did use AutoBlog Samurai  I would use it with Blogger but only for excerpts of the content and not the full article because it’s just plain stealing other people’s content. I doubt whether you could even make a $1 a day with this software, in fact you’re more likely to get penalized by Google for duplicate content. The software is very easy to use and requires no technical knowledge; all you need for Blogger is hundreds of blogs and an AdSense account. Any content that you pull in will have to be edited and unwanted ads deleted, more plundering of other people’s hard work. It would be better using article directories for content, this way you won’t upset other blog or website owners.

Sales Claptrap

Most of the sales videos go into all the usual reasons why you should buy this software like auto updating your publishing and building your list through thousands of opt-in forms. It tells you that your blogging empire could be in the thousands PLEEEESE , give me a break. Can you really see yourself running thousands of blogs effectively with this software? It just doesn’t work that way, believe me. Auto, Automatic, Auto Posting, Auto updating, are all words and phrases that grab the attention of would be customers. There is nothing in blogging that is truly hands off, there will always be maintenance or some other issue that needs attention.


Overall thumbs down from me, it’s not something I would use because I have my own niche building strategy. If you are starting from scratch and using Blogger AND presuming you don’t use the full article then it is an easy way to build up several mini niche blogs very quickly. I think in the end if you do go through the process of building up a network of blogs using this software you will be sorely disappointed. Only one aspect of this software is any good, it works off your desktop. The best advice I could give would be to start your own niche blog network using self hosted WordPress because it allows you to make use of free plugins that can pull in all sorts of review data, content, video and images, ALL ON Auto Pilot!

  • Jo

    Thanks for an honest review of the AB Samurai-do you know how hard I had to look for ONE review that said don’t buy it? The first 20 search pages all sing the same song: “buy the software, it works like magic” and all have affiliates ads for it to ;)

    I’m signing up for affiliate blogger pro by Ros Gardner, I think it’s $ better spent.

    Thanks again!

  • Bill Masson

    Hi Jo,

    Your welcome :-) Rosalind Gardner has plenty of experience so you won’t go wrong there…good luck and thanks for the comment

  • Anonymous

    When Auto Blog Samurai is working it is great…..but it isn’t working half the time. I have tried and tried and tried to contact [email protected] and have never, not once gotten a reply…except an automated one that says they will get back to me which they NEVER, EVER DO!

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