Since I decided to launch a new blog specifically for myself aptly named, I have been quite surprised at the first month’s traffic stats of over a thousand visitors. Initially when I first launched the blog, I really only wanted to cover my own experiences with WordPress. This soon extended though to technology and blogging. I was even more surprised when Google gave it a PR2, but I guess it all boils down to timing, plugins and keywords. I do not put much weight on PR in the Google toolbar or Alexa for that matter; I just think these indicators are pure eye candy, don’t you?

The blog was born on the 26th of February, so I took a snapshot of March traffic and as you can see form the figures below my total number of visits under the yellow bar exceeded 1000 visitors and out of that figure there were 492 unique visitors. (click the image for a closer look) I haven’t done anything special with this blog, in fact all I have done is setup a few popular twitters and post feeds via RSS Doodle and RSS twitter. As for promotion, the only places that I have submitted to, is MyBlogLog and very recently Technorati. Of course I have placed links here on Web-Work At Home, but that’s about it!

Reasons to be cheerful?

I would have to say that the subject of the blog is hugely popular, and Keywords like “WordPress” “Technology” and “Blogging” have all played their part in generating traffic. As for the SEO, the Doodle plugins must have had a hand as well as the Headspace plugin. That being said the title isn’t exactly keyword friendly (last time I looked I wasn’t at the top of the Gurus list, lol) I wouldn’t say that I am over active on the social networks either, maybe it’s because I have a lot of twitter feeds and blog feeds linked into twitter that tweet automatically. Another good traffic promoter is the amount of blog directories that I ping every time I post an article; I have a list of about 50 directories pasted into WordPress.

Further checking of the referral search engines brought up some surprising results; the three biggest referrers are StumbleUpon (672 hits), Google (35 hits) and Windows Live (2hits) I haven’t been in StumbleUpon for ages! There were also quite a few pings from other blogs that have twitter feeds for posts.

Any way I will keep on experimenting to see if I can increase the traffic.

A cup of Green Tea will keep your heart in good condition, aha! This is my secret weapon.


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