Blog Contest

LAST UPDATE 18/12/08

I’ve extended the contest an extra 2 weeks; Good Luck!

Hello everyone! I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting this for a couple weeks, so lets get right into it!

Latest Update 12/01/09

I’ll make this quick. Due to the utter lack of participation thus far, I am extending the contest to the end of the month…the 31st. I have far too many gracious sponsors and prizes for the handful (or less) of people so far participating. Thank you btw :) .

Blog Contest

The Contest:

It’s pretty straight forward. My other two blogs; & are brand new, and you are to write the best review you can for both (1 post/2 reviews).

Here’s the kicker to make it interesting…..since both blogs are so new, you must rely on only your ingenuity, creativity, and the individual “About Me” pages on each blog. I’m NOT looking for “cheerleaders” or a “plug” as they say, I want honest reviews. If you do find anything “wrong”, then add it. However you must also add your thoughts on how to “fix” the issue(s). Ex: if you don’t like the colors, suggest new ones.

The one thing you MUST include in the beginning of the review is a reference to me, Dennis Edell, and this blog DirectSalesWebMarketing, for authority reasons. Otherwise you’re just reviewing 2 strange new blogs. LOL.

That’s the contest in a nutshell! It ends in four weeks on January 12th. If you have ANY questions, please contact me.


The Rules:

1. You must blog this contest in full including all sponsor links with a link back to this page for comments. If you’re as lazy as I am, you can even copy/paste this entire post…..just be sure ALL links are clickable.

2. Write the review(s). You may do both 1 & 2 in the same post or two different posts, it’s up to you. If you do it all in one, the review must be first… sure think up a catchy title so they know it’s both a review and contest.

3. The review must include a least 2 links for each blog - Home page & About page. Home page keywords for EasyCashContests is Win Cash Online. No keywords for unless you can think of something nifty :) .

4. Share on at least two social sites of your choice (buttons below). Please take care to get the right category.

5. Subscribe to all 3 blogs via email using the same email address for all. You can do that here, here, & here.

6. Comment below with: Link to your post(s) (if you separated them, leave both links). Links to social sites you shared on. Email address used to subscribe.

7. After commenting check the “subscribe to comments” box…..I may leave updates there, and you don’t want to miss them.

Ya can’t get much easier then that for a contest with such cool prizes!

If you have ANY questions, please contact me.


Sponsors & Prizes:


Dennis Edell @ Beginner Marketing Tips - $25

Dennis Edell @ Win Cash Online - $25

Dennis Edell @ - $25

Yep, I’m personally putting up $75 ;) .

Mirjam @ MeMyselfAndIBlog - $10

Wei Liang @ ABloggerBlog - $10

Rodel @ - $25

Suzanne Franco @ - $30

BANNER ADS (1 month ea. w/value if available):

Sherry @ SherrysShopping - 125×125

Sherry @ PinkyPosh - 125×125

Sherry @ AnotherContest - 125×125

Wei Liang @ ABloggerBlog - 125 x 125 ($10)

Superman Joe @ PostBlogger - 300 x 250

Sharmin @ ContestSpot - 125×125

Erwin Tan @ -  125×125 ($20)

Jonathan @ How To Blog - 125×125 ($15)

Garry Conn @ - 468×60 ($70)

ZK @ WebTrafficROI - 125×125 ($20)

Yan @ Blog Setup - 125×125 ($20)

Archie Pennies @ SomeExtraPennies - 125 x 125 for 4 months


Collin @ FeedFlare - life time blog roll link

Harish @ BloggingKid - 1 month text link ad

Archie Pennies @ SomeExtraPennies - site wide blog roll link for 4 months


Peter Lee @ Make Money Blogging - New Home Study Course,”Quit Being a Wage Slave in 10 Easy Steps” ($47)

Ben Pei - @ Make Money Online -  Instant Blog Traffic ($47)

Kathy Hendershot-Hurd @ VirtualImpax - 8 Week Power Blog Launch product ($77)


Mirjam @ MeMyselfAndIBlog - Blog Review ($25)

Superman Joe @ PostBlogger - Blog Review

Nishadha @ rumblinglankan - Blog Review ($20)


Sherry @ Heart Random - 500 EC
Sherry @ Name Sherry - 500 EC
Sherry @ SherryGo - 500 EC

Rodel @ Cebupacificairphilippines - 1000 EC

Nishadha @ rumblinglankan - 1000 EC
Nishadha @ YeastInfectionInDogs - 1000 EC

Wiehanne @ Wiehanne Lounge - 500 EC
Wiehanne @ Medan Daily - 500 EC
Wiehanne @ SimplyWP - 500 EC


David R Young Jr @ Niche-It - custom squeeze page template package ($7)

Brian D. Hawkins @ ExtremeEzine - one year Pro membership to YourAdTracker ($39.95)


For only 2 weeks worth of collections, those are some yummy goodies! If you have ANY questions, please contact me.

Prize Packages & Placement:

Lets do things a little differently…..

1st Place - $100 cash (Judged solely by me.)

2nd Place - $50 cash (Judged solely by me.)

The rest of the yummy goodness will be packaged into several “places” and chosen by I’m not telling you what each package includes, or even how many more places there are to win…..until the end. Muahahahahahahah

This way you have NO CHOICE but to shoot for the Best Blog Review! Oh and before ya start bitchin’, please keep one thing in mind…..I’d say you’re darn lucky I even revealed 2nd place. Hahahahahahahaha!

We’re gonna have lots of fun now boys and girls <evin grin>. Remember the contest ends January 12th Happy New Year!!

If you have ANY questions, please contact me.

Good Luck!

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