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Blogging for cash using your own words

I’m sure you have heard the term” blogging for cash”, you can’t help but come across numerous bloggers that sing the praises of making money by blogging. There are so many ways to earn money from your blog, but today I want to take a look at writing posts for sponsors. This may not be for everybody out there, but for bloggers who are struggling to make ends meet; it can be a life saver.

Looking for alternatives

There are many paid blogging advertising programs available and one such company Blogsvertise comes to mind. To give you an idea of what they offer; first of all you will have to have been blogging for at least 60 days and be in good standing with the mighty Google. Signing up to Blogsvertise is painless enough, as long as you have a viable blog and have plenty of fresh content for the advertisers to see you shouldn’t have any problem.

Working Tasks

So what does Blogsvertise expect from you the blogger? Well for one thing they expect you to follow the rules and play fair, and believe me they will return the favor tenfold. It is very important that you login to your account at least two or three times a week to keep up with any queued writing tasks. The writing tasks which are effectively blog posts have to be at least 100 words containing a minimum of three links back to the sponsors’ website. Sounds simple enough, as for the content, well just visit the sponsor’s website and write about your impressions and what value it would give to your readers.

What you can expect to earn!

There are a lot of variables here, for example new publishers can earn between $4 - $25per assignments. The standard payouts are $5 - $15 again depending on your traffic and PR which is worked out by third parties. So if you can push out only 10 tasks a month, then you’re looking at earning between $50.00 & $150.00 per month, not bad for doing something that you do every day. On the other hand if you are a high traffic blog then you can negotiate a much higher payout per task.

As I said before this might not be for everyone but never the less is a useful addition to help boost your blog earnings and definitely needs careful consideration.

Find out for yourself, give Blogsvertise a try, they have a very comprehensive FAQ to guide you through the introduction and give you useful starting points. You can expect your blog to be accepted in 24 hours as long as it meets there guidelines.

Let me know what you think [superemotions file="icon_smile.gif" title="Smile"]

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