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Is Blogging a dying art? And is Micro Blogging taking over?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the micro blog phenomenon with supporters claiming that it will overtake mainstream blogging. There’s no doubt that the micro blogging platform and more importantly real time search is a hot potato at the moment. With new alliances forming through Twitter from the giants of search it’s an exciting time. Twitter has definitely strengthened its position as the top micro blogging service on the web with its latest addition of lists for users. You can bet there will be a lot more to come.

Would I change over?

Leaving statistics aside for a moment, personally I would wholly go into micro blogging as a means to earn and promote my own products and services. I already use Twitter fairly extensively, mainly by auto post using Twitter Tools, as well as at least 30 minutes a day reading and posting. I think I will eventually change over to Twitter and FaceBook fulltime. You can exist and prosper with these two social networks, plenty of people already do. If you break it all down it’s really just a numbers game, okay you do have to have a USP (Unique selling point) but that can be achieved. There are numerous ways to make a living through micro blogging and social networks. Whatever you’re good at use it by engaging conversations and offering your advice and services, subtly of course.

How popular is Twitter?

When you think about technology nowadays is easy to see why micro blogging is such a popular pastime. In a way I suppose it’s just another way to text, the power of twitter on the world stage is quite staggering with major events around the globe instantly being broadcast. There’s no shortage of gadgets to type your message into, with cloud services getting more widespread with their Wi-Fi hotspots you can bet there’s a coffee shop or a bar where you can relax and spread your words of wisdom.

Businesses are catching on!

It may have taken a while but businesses small and large are starting to see the potential of micro blogging. How hard can it be to set up an account and have a popular front page to advertise on? Some businesses are still lagging behind and this is a great opportunity for you to sell the dream of greater exposure to struggling managers. All you need to do is look in your local yellow pages and do some research to see which businesses need more sales, which is pretty much most of them. Present them with your portfolio; it can include design, potential traffic generation, seo, leads and many other services.

Search engines are taking more interest

With the likes of Google and Bing now integrating Twitter into their search and media platforms this now has a direct impact on how your twitter front page is indexed. I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few Twitter users have noticed their profile page rank has increased, I know mine has. This real time search is starting to pop up everywhere you look and will be the norm in future years to come.

Summing Up

For the moment I am happy to invest most of my time into mainstream blogging but i can see myself devoting more of my time into micro blogging as time goes by.

What about you, are you a Twitter fan or are you a hard core blogger?

What do you think about real time search?

Please leave your thoughts

As always thanks’ for reading

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