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How to Build Affiliate Marketing Websites the Easy Way

First of all it is easy to set up an affiliate marketing site but to be successful with it takes a lot of hard work and time. There are lots of myths about affiliate marketing which attract many people into believing overnight riches are feasible. While there is the odd exception for the vast majority it just doesn’t happen like this, success in affiliate marketing only works when you put in the graft.

If you are planning to start affiliate marketing then you need a website, not just any old website but a professional website that has all the elements for capturing your visitor’s attention. For me there is no better solution than a self hosted WordPress blog/site. Quite simply you can use WordPress as a traditional website or blog and even combine the two. Picking out the right theme for your site is vital; versatility is the key word here so you need a theme that has multiple layout and color options. The Atahualpa theme which I use is an ideal free alternative that comes with a huge array of options to make your site unique. There are many other excellent premium themes on the market like Thesis or Affiliate themes from Blog Designs.

How do you build an affiliate marketing website?

First thing first you will have to pick out a niche and theme for your website/blog. It’s always good practice to think ahead, so have an idea ready of what products or services you want to promote. This will help you to design your layout around the product/service. Next get a domain name hosted, try to link the product/service you are promoting into the domain name, this will give your site more relevancy for the search engines. Also go for a .com name and look for a hosting company with good uptime and security features.

Creating your pages

We all have to start somewhere but if you are struggling for inspiration then just take a look around the web. The best way to research your niche is to use Google to find similar sites to look at. If it’s a blog you have then start writing articles on the product or service. Write about anything to do with the niche you’re promoting, it doesn’t have to be specifically about the product, use your imagination and make it useful for the reader. If you are creating a webpage either on its own or linked to your blog or even part of a PPC campaign then there are plenty of tutorial resources around, checkout this previous post on “Split testing” If you have the funds then you can purchase readymade templates or hire a sales copy writer and designer to make your page look top notch professional.

Marketing your Site

To draw visitors to your site you need to have high quality content; there are many other factors that contribute to the success of an affiliate marketing site, but good content tops the list. This is precisely the reason why most users choose to enter your site. They want to get information they came for and if they don’t find it they will leave. Write interesting articles related to your theme to make your visitors come back.

As well as using affiliate programs for banners and links on your site always provide alternative links that are helpful and informative for your readers. This will also help your site for search engine optimization. As an added extra make sure to make and link up pages just for your products this way you can compliment both the article and the product/service.

Don’t get too over elaborate with your site instead make it simple to navigate and easy to read. Use banners sparingly so as not to distract the reader. Overall you want your site to have a professional rather than a personal feel.

Keep on learning and building your knowledge, about the use of keywords and how to integrate them into your articles and sales copy. Make sure to update your site regularly by adding new content and keep your prospects updated with news about any changes.

Although it’s generally accepted that a professional affiliate marketing site looks better for sales it doesn’t mean that you can’t have success with a more personal blog. It all comes down to balance and what works for you and your niche.

Any Thoughts?

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  • Turning Winds

    Focus on creating an excellent sales page. Make sure your sales copy is eye catching and would surely convince the potential buyers to sign up or buy your product.

  • thank you for information!

  • Thanks for the post, it is very useful. I agree with the content part the most. With the later SEO advances and ad campaigns a lot of sites have lost their way and forgot about the most important thing to draw visitors, the web content. Administrators spend a lot of money on SEO and ad campaigns and then they hire poor writers per less than 1c per word and that shows in the end result.

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