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Build your own Google News site

Fancy getting your website on the first page of Google News? Is it possible for mere mortals to achieve this I ask myself? The short answer YES and I will give it my best shot to explain how. There may be many of you that feel this task is a step too far and for many it may well be. First of all a few facts about Google News, they are one of if not the biggest news sources on the web with over 30 million visits per day and they gather news from over 20,000 sources around the globe. If you want to get onto the Google serps for competitive keywords it’s pretty near impossible unless you have a huge budget, but getting on Google News is entirely more realistic and won’t cost you the earth.

Google News is everywhere

If you use any Google page to perform searches then you will be aware of the links at the top left of the page one of which is the Google News link. Even once you’re on your search results page you can drill down further search filters including news stories. As a matter of course news results are almost always mixed in with the rest of the results so it’s everywhere.

Starting out: Content

Amongst all the hurdles you have to complete this is the most important one, Quality content is a given for obvious reasons and this content will be your main focus and drive for success. You will need to look seriously at outsourcing your news content especially if you’re not an accomplished writer. You will have to ultimately source excellent writers to write original news worthy content. Your content will have to be highly optimized with the right keyword weight and title tag headings. This is where outsourcing will prove its worth so doing your research to find quality ghost writers will pay dividends.

Applying for inclusion to Google news (Publishers)

What I will say right off, if you’re a single author then don’t apply to Google news as one, why? Because they rarely accept a single author website, you must have a multi author website to stand any chance of getting into Google News, but there are ways to get round this. To do this you will have to set up a multi author WordPress site, you can achieve this by integrating your outsourced writers through pen names and using a multi author process, so you will have to set up separate author accounts. There are plenty of Multi author WordPress plugins that can ease the process.

Template for success (Choosing the right Theme)

On the premise that you are using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla as your CMS then picking out the right theme is vital. You will have to get a suitable news template or theme which you can do for free but I think it is worth investing in a custom/premium theme. It shouldn’t take you long to find a suitable news theme but make sure its robust and well coded with plenty of support if things go wrong.


If you’re serious about delivering a reliable news service then you will have to consider using a dedicated server or at least a virtual server. The sheer amount of traffic will overwhelm a shared hosting account and could ultimately get you booted out of Google News inclusion.


The cost and investment not to mention the time involved in setting up your Google News site can be considerable, although you can cut corners. You will need at least three news articles per day which is going to cost you around $25.00 to $40.00 each although you should be able to do package or bundle deals that will rein back the writing cost. These costs are my own assumptions and you will no doubt find cheaper deals by searching the web. If you want to have professional news sites that Google will pick up on then costs are inevitable.


You can go down the budget road if you’re capable of writing great news articles and can keep up with two to three news items per day. The actual building of your news site could be done over a weekend if you put everything else aside and there are plenty of free templates available.

News Sitemap: WordPress plugin… Google News Sitemap Generator. There is a specific format for news sitemaps that you must follow. Read this article from Google


If you get accepted by Google News and pick the right subjects to write about then you’re guaranteed income from as many monetization methods you choose to use. It’s no secret that Google News is the biggest source out there and it serves millions of visitors every day.

Although this article concentrates on taking on a fully fledged news site there are other ways to get on Google News that are much easier… what do you think they are? I’ll give you a clue “it’s dead simple”.


Once you are approved the benefits will be huge not least of all the authority you will gain and most importantly huge traffic and potential income. It goes without saying that you will have to put in a lot of work to keep your content flowing, and because its news it’s an ongoing process to proofread and monitor your site. The outsourced writers will have to be of a high caliber and be able to produce up to date news content. If you get the right balance you could be earning over $1500 a week, I kid you not!

You can get more help and guidance from Google News (Publishers) they have more details on the specifics of applying and criteria.

  • Kingston Upon Thames

    Wonderful article post and must read for all. I’m gonna try to make Google’s site. Just finalizing my budget for it. Very good article. It always come down to good content that people are interested in. Thank you for the guidelines.

  • News Trend Online

    Please, can you OM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of this blog… :)

  • Nathan Alicuben

    This is one technology that I would love to be able to use for myself. It’s definitely a cut above the rest and I can’t wait until my provider has it. Your insight was what I needed. Thanks

  • Ken Dockins

    Thanks to you, I only had to read just TWO search results for “building Google news site,” today, and your article was my final selection. It hits the primary points one needs to know on how to get started, plus what is expected, that is, with REAL expectations. I’m gathering all the pertinent info on how to put up my own Google news site as we speak.

  • Anonymous

    “other ways to get on Google News that are much easier… what do you think they are? I’ll give you a clue “it’s dead simple”.

    Please explain further - not so simple to me.

  • Bill Masson

    A good place to start is a PRESS RELEASE done by yourself or if you haven’t the talent as a writer outsource it. If done the correct way a PR will show up in Google News Results. Its all about choosing the right subjects that are newsworthy, something that is linked to recent or future events. You will have to be creative and do your research but again if you get it right your PR release will show up all over Google’s search results. I have found several PRs searching through Google News.

    This option is a leg up if you like and can help you with a broader writing strategy to get into Google News as a publisher.

    A Press Release on its own won’t give you the full benefits as opposed to the advice given on this article but it is a starting point and added with what iv’e said already will get you into Google News.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.

  • Bill Masson

    Your welcome, thanks for your comment

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