How to Build a Quality Landing Page Score for Google

The aim of a landing page quality score is to punish advertisers who do not provide useful landing pages, and give them a lower rank within Google’s quality ranking, which raises the price of their minimum cost per click. Interest in Adwords Digger is really intense so here’s another reminder why you should consider downloading the software

More importantly for those of us who are already endeavoring to make quality sites and landing pages, a better quality score will lead to better rankings for our advertisements and a lower cost per click.

How to get a better landing page quality score

According to Google, there are three matters they consider when calculating a landing page’s quality score; relevant and original material, transparency, and navigability.

Here’s how to get a good quality score from Google and achieve your conversions.

Must Have: Relevant and Original Content

To begin with, make certain your domain name is relevant to your market, and for your landing pages, be sure that each keyword you have, you have a separate landing page.  Make certain the keyword is in the URL, such as if your keyword or phrase is work at home.  In addition be sure to include your keyword in all the title tags, Meta tags, and description Meta tags.

In addition make sure that you’ve got original content on each of your landing pages. This is particularly crucial for affiliate marketers, as there could be 100s of landing pages promoting the same product.  By making your content unique from that of the maker of the product, you will grow your quality score over that of your competitors who just reprocess the vendor’s information.

Be crystal clear

For transparency, make certain to link to a legitimate sitemap, contact us page, and privacy policy. What Google prefers to see is that you openly share information about your business, and how your business operates.  When requesting information from your site’s visitors, make sure that you supply them with a privacy policy so that they understand how they’re information is going to be used.

Another beneficial idea is to limit how much information they receive from you; give them an alternative to opt-out of some correspondence. Google likes to see users afforded the choice of how their information is used.

One obvious aspect of being transparent is by delivering on the products and services that you offer in your advertisement, and to only charge clients for the products and services that they actually order and successfully receive.  While this may seem obvious on your site, it does not hurt to find a way to say it somewhere on your landing page.  This will result in raising your quality score with Google as well as putting your users at ease.

Simple straight forward Navigation

Google would prefer to see a clearly defined path to follow on your landing pages, making it easy for users to buy or receive the product or service you have advertised.  Avoid using pop-ups, pop-unders or other obtrusive elements in your landing pages.

Now that you’ve got great landing pages with quality scores, you can then turn your attention to your Adwords campaign.  By matching the best keywords with your customized landing page, you will be able to maximize conversions and minimize your cost per click, resulting in a greater profit margin for you.

Try using Adwords Digger to maximize your CPC advertising campaign. It’s utterly free and it will help lower your CPC and add a higher conversion rate.  Adwords Digger will check 1000s of sites and tell you which sites are better targeted for your Adwords campaign, remember your keywords are your passport to wealth so choose wisely.

Live from the Googleplex, Hal Varian explains, the Google Ads Auction.

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  • MaxHomeBits Start Working From Home

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  • Acid Cigars

    I've often thought about having a great landing page and how it can actually negatively affect your bounce rate if you're calculating bounce-rate by users staying less than X seconds and then clicking off. If you make a great landing page and the customer finds exactly what he or she wants, but perhaps the price is a tad high or for whatever reason they like another site's picture better you will actually have a higher bounce rate than what is accurate. I'm not sure how much bounce-rate affects a site's ability to rank, but I would say that after extensive testing I think it has to do with a site staying in the top 30.

    • Hi Acid Cigars & welcome to Web Work At Home

      The ever wise Google has very clever ranking algorithms as you know, and I would venture to say that you are pretty accurate with your assumptions of a top 30 ranking criteria. Google has to take the bounce rate into consideration when it redirects a visitor from its search engines. The competition is so fierce that I guess they use a variety of measures to siphon off the dross from the good stuff.

      I must say that the aesthetic value of your landing page can have a positive effect on visitors clicking habits. Take yours for example, for me it really stood out and caught my attention and imagination, I was intrigued to look around your site, but only because I like designing and have an avid interest in web stickiness. For somebody who was actually looking for cigars I would presume to say that they would buy on a good day.

      It’s a tough old game SEO isn’t it?

      Just added, check out the new video from Googleplex, Hal Varian explains, the Google Ads Auction

      Thanks for your comment ;)

  • Wonderful article. A lot of great information to study and learn while reading.

  • SirNicolausNo Gravatar

    Good Info! Do you know where a good place to start for whole site pagerank score? Thanks in advance


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