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How do you Build Relationships with your subscribers

The most important thing you must do to achieve success online is to build a solid relationship with your subscriber. Building a relationship is important because it can make the difference between making a sale and losing it to your competitor.

Just like in real life, if I had to choose between a friend who provides a service like car repair and a stranger who offered the same price, I choose my friend in less than a heartbeat, why? because I’d rather give him business than a complete stranger.

E-mail marketing can be very competitive. So when two marketers are promoting the same product, having a strong rapport with your subscribers will give you that competitive edge.


During any massive launch online where high ticket items are being sold and hundreds of marketers everywhere are sending E-mails to their subscribers, most of them will be offering bonuses to ‘bribe’ their customers to buy through their affiliate link.

You will find that sometimes, 3 or more will be pitching the same offer with similar value. So the question you should be asking yourself is if you were in the shoes of your subscriber, why should your subscriber buy from you instead of another marketer?

Again, if you have built a strong relationship with your subscriber, they will be on your side.

Building Rapport with Your Subscriber

One of the best ways to build relationships with your subscriber is to strengthen the rapport between you and your customer.

Here are a few ways to achieve that:

  • Keep in touch with your mailing list often. Don’t mail them only when you need to promote a product.
  • Ask about their needs and concerns. Use questionnaires and get them involved. Ask them what they want you to provide for them to help them with their Internet marketing business.
  • Send them gifts sometimes. It could be in the form of free reports, blog templates, graphics or even free membership access!
  • Be personal. Let them see your human side or your personal life. It sure beats dry, stale E-mails that talk about product launches all day.
  • Be educational. When you give something of value to your subscribers, they will see you as a teacher and listen to what you say. This will come in handy when you want them to ‘listen’ to you and buy whatever you are selling.

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9 comments to How do you Build Relationships with your subscribers?

  • It is a great need to build the rapport with subscriber. It helps to develop a great understanding and trust between you and the subscriber.


  • Tim Wilson

    Yea Bill, I’ll leave a helpful link in a moment, but what I’d like to say is that you are a great example of what you teach. This is a good common-sense type article, but it’s funny how many miss the important points in life and business sometimes and I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it at times.

    You render real value, and as more people do that it makes the world a greater place to live. Yesterday I was walking down a city street and saw a car parked at a meter that was expired. I popped a quarter in it which is something I often do, but yesterday I was caught (lol) by the guy behind me who was walking to that car- well, truck actually. Anyway, he asked if he could give it back, and I told him someone else would use it.

    He told me to have a great day, but what was “in the air” was greater than the quarter. It was an unspoken energy that said we truly wished each other well and the world felt more inspired for a time. Perhaps I’m making too big a deal out of a quarter, but I think your readers get my drift.

    I just watched a short video by Jay Abraham (world-renowned marketing master fr those who aren’t familiar with him). He said business owners commonly make a big mistake- they fall in love with their business more than their clients. There’s one to sit in for a bit.

    Here’s a link to a completely free and valuable service I just found out about which should help anyone in the area of generating traffic.


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    The power of human nature is very tangible when it is given and not taken. Hope i haven’t confused anybody :-)
    Thanks Tim


  • Unity

    Through sales associates’ jobs, it is a finest approach to collect other useful information about the business in addition to current posting like corporative culture, product knowledge, industry trends etc.


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    You have have missed the point and the message…. thanks for the comment anyway.


  • Berry

    How do you Build Relationships with your subscribers helps to develop a great understanding and trust between you and the subscriber.


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