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How to Build and sell websites

If website design is your thing then you can make it more worthwhile by selling your talents with website flipping. If you haven’t heard of this term before it’s basically building a website or blog, nurturing it and then selling it on. How much time you invest in this venture will determine the price you get. Typically for a quick turnaround it can take you from 2 to 3 hours or one or two days for a bigger project. Bear in mind that many factors from design and subject along with the site age will determine the sale price. It stands to reason that the more time and research you invest in your projects, the more money you can expect to make.

How much can you sell for?

How much depends entirely on the choices you make based on your budget and your goals for the site’s development.

Sites such as Digital Point Forum, eBay Pulse and Flippa, Marketplace offer comparative estimates for you to keep in mind as well as showing examples of what type websites sell and what’s hot.

Some Examples

Starter Web site,

With affiliate links (ClickBank/Amazon)

Review Template

Time invested 2-3 hrs

Average selling price: $47-470 (average around $250)

Blog, NEW,

Set up for monetization, with 10 PLR posts

Setup time: 1 day

Average selling price: $47-470 (average around $250)

Blog, Established

3-4 months old, small proven revenue from monetization, with 22 original content posts (10 initial, 2 per week afterwards)

Setup time: 1-2 days initial setup with 2 hrs per week till time of sale

Average selling price: At time of sale:

Blog earning $100/month – $800 average

Blog earning $200/month – up to $2,000

Blog earning $300/month – up to $3,600

As you can see, everything is relative to how much you make and to a great extent depends on how much work, time and monetary investment you involve into a site. These factors will also determine whether your site sells for the minimum bid or is purchased instantly with the “buy now” option.

Quality Counts

To make sales and build up your authority the quality of your work needs to be of a good standard. The overall goal of your site is uniqueness, but there are many other factors to take into consideration.



Platforms-WordPress/Websites (Depending on your skill level)


Domain Name

Niche Targeting

PPC (initial campaign to get the ball rolling)

Articles (keyword monetized)

Research (Niche Markets)

The Sales Pitch

It’s very important that you describe your site in great detail, pay particular attention to SEO stats and any revenue coming in. Presentation is vital for selling your site so it’s important to get your message across in a clear and concise way. Sites like Digital Point Forum and Flippa have guidelines for you to follow. These guideline are there to help the seller and the buyer work together without any hitches, just be sure read up before you start, in the end it will avoid any potential conflicts.


This is just a snapshot of Website flipping, it can be a great way to earn part time or full time especially if it’s something that you enjoy. If this is something that interests you then pop over to the sites mentioned to get an idea of where to start. As for skill-set you don’t have to be a graphics genius or an SEO expert to compete although it helps if you have a background in website development.

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