Business Plan Made Easy

Business Plan Made Easy
How To Write A Business Plan… Made Easy, Is Broken Down So That Anyone Can Do It, Easy And Fast.
Business Plan Made Easy


Small Biz / Entrepreneurship

Gagnez 5000 Euros Par Mois Avec Le Dropshipping
Devenez Vendeur Sans Investissement Et Vendez Des Produits Sans Faire De Stock ! Gagnez Beaucoup Avec Le Dropshipping. Dans Ce Guide, Vous Avez La Liste Des Meilleurs Fournisseurs, Les Outils Et Toutes Les Infos Pour Gagner Entre 500 Et 5000 Euros/mois !
Gagnez 5000 Euros Par Mois Avec Le Dropshipping In this 10th video we will continue programming the multidimensional array in PHP that is the shopping cart. We will use a SESSION variable to store and remember the cart data as the user browses pages. The E - Commerce Web Site we will be assembling is one in which all of the inventory is in a MySQL database and we offer a custom PHP cart for a unique shopping experience.

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  • hyptbh

    i love this guy hahahah

  • marcovianwd

    U are the [email protected]#King man! I feel like im wasting time in college trying to learn this stuff. You make it so interesting & easy to follow.
    Thanks Dude

  • emceeL


  • doroshii11

    thank u so much…its a big help to our case-study… ^^,)/

  • tehmeer012

    Wonderful and very comprehensible. I was knew that i will find good instructions on it. Now, I have.
    Thank You Very Much! :)

  • crumbpath

    “I know how to program multidimensional arrays.” That’s my new POF headline.

  • ZenCartEasyHelp

    Thanks for posting this! If you need help customizing your zen cart store check out our channel for our free Easy Help Zen Cart Video Tutorial library. If you have a specific question or video you would like to see, just leave a commend on our channel.

  • misunl74

    Thank you so much for your videos!!! I’m learning a lot here!

  • wwwglockno

    I have just one question so far about your tutorials.. I really hope you can take your time to answear on this..
    I see you use preg_replace a lot, instead of mysql_real_escape_string() and (int).. is there a good reason or just your way ?

  • LordKain187

    Adam Rocks! your better then some of my college profs, keep rockin!

  • xuniterz

    I care! You are sitting behind your PC and spending your time to teach us PHP and make our life easier by explaining each part of the code, thing that none of those people with tutorials do it. Thanks!

  • TunderFighter

    If you knew how much I cared you wouldn’t believe man Thank You very much.
    You’re a good man!

  • dbguy4eva

    I’m trying to include size, but it seems like if I’m adding the same product in the cart but choosing a different size, that product id just gets updated with an additional quantity and updating the size because of the array_splice() and doesn’t show up as another item. How do I fix this?

    Thank you!

  • 0syntrax0

    ty very much adam, ur the man. So easy to understand your code, u actually comment all of ur code, and make it non OOP, which is easier to understand.
    ^5 :D

  • elvisniperx anybody cares. lol

  • jaisonmathewbaby

    Thanks for taking the pain to explain all these Adam. Thanks a lot.

  • casild2

    The best! that not him..whats the other word, something better then “the best” …what is it?

    I can’t think of it right now. :-)

  • carlryds

    @bobdebelix He did do that in part 5 of this tutorial, you could apply that to the empty button

  • bobdebelix

    Is there any particular reason You not use MySQLi instead of MySQL database in the script.

  • bobdebelix

    When the customer hit the CLICK HERE TO EMPTY YOUR SHOPPING CART it empties it immediately. (At the end of video 10 when You tested it))
    I think it would be a good thing to ask the customer once more DO YOU REALLY WANT TO EMPTY YOUR SHOPPING CART.
    What do You think Adam?

  • carlryds

    The problem i see is that the items listed in the cart don’t actually show the items name,price, picture, etc.. i hope in part 11 this will be changed? :)

  • cockerspanielhome


    I am getting addicted to your develop php page and find myself needing to go there everyday for more brain food. Wow, This is really opening up a whole new world I never knew existed. Please keep up the great work, I really appreciate what your doing for me.


  • MrNjami

    I care!!! Love the videos….

  • XMAnuca

    Maybe you could add a section in the cart called “similar products”.. That would be really usefull.

  • XMAnuca

    Hi men! Wanna Propose you something, can you add as friend to talk?


  • 1989Beefcake

    Thank you so much Lisa, I have been struggling for a long time to get my store up, I think this method will do the trick [=

  • EbonyDollable

    do you know how to set up a online store ? if you have made a video could you let me know thanks :)

  • leostyle7771

    hello, i have a question. i have a website that is done but not published yet only because i do not have any products. where or how can i find the best company that can provide me with product for a really low cost either single or in bulks. i found one place that had really good items but its bidding on items its called liquidation dot c o m . but i would rather have a place where if i need it i can buy it. any idea’s? thanks

  • adonis1976

    Thanks for the good Info. If you have sometime check out my store and tell me whats wrong? akmjewelry

  • seanroxDOTcom

    best advice for ecommerce I’ve heard in quite some time. kudos.

  • prettylady50001

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you

  • shadowolf192

    I love the way We can see it in action too, when You tell us about all of the Websites that We can go to, to get more assistance.
    (An example of redirecting People from Content, to a Web-Site.).

    Good advice. Cheers. :) .

  • esmerce1

    Thank you for the information. I have tried it and and it seems to be working for my e-commerce store especially with the dr dre headphones.

  • Runningbass

    Hey Lisa, thanks for the great tips, I think this angled me in the right direction.

  • TheStuartWallace

    I heart these :D

  • lcurry2011ub

    Thanks lisa that is so true thanks for posting and you do have to have content so people can see what you are selling or create a catologe of your products and build a mailing list

  • dasny923

    or someone can target a page on search engines that alot of people go to but the big companies dont know about you can find these by keywords under S.E.O

  • postalgame

    This is a very good tips! thanks a lot…

  • skeetmoses

    great video. I’m interested in starting an online store but I”m a novice to it all. There’s so much stuff out here till I don’t know where to begin or what to use.

  • drmayamaya

    Thanks so much Lisa…am in early stage of starting my own e-commerce site.i dont hav problem in building my own site cos i know how to…but the marketing.This information is very good..

  • ttaylormm


  • BaloogiStudio

    Thanks Lisa, great post! Content is definitely KING!!!

  • wyin2006

    Wow, Lisa, I love your videos. I am not a native English speaker, but I have no problems understanding and catching every word you said, you speak clearly. And thanks for this video, I learned something so important today, and am so glad to have came across your videos, now I can go and build good contents for my business website. LOTS of Love !

  • nem2010

    ..and thank you for that video. You certainly have helped me. “Content”, yes, that is the missing process in my plans for a future website. And you have certainly brought forward the point of relating site wriiten content to Search Engine ranking.Thanks again.

  • HolidayBot

    you actually inspired me to build my own website. a big thank-you goes out to you :D

  • Digmen1

    Lisa you are a great presenter.

  • endhairloss

    u r very smart

  • dablackdon

    Great info. Me and you relate in many ways. Keep em coming

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