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8 Things to Consider If You’re Thinking about Self Employment

Self Employment

If you’re considering self-employment, you’re not alone. Around three hundred thousand people are likely to make the leap and turn self-employed in Great Britain this year, according to the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses). Unfortunately, the data also shows that three out of five of those firms are likely to fail within the first 3 years. So how can you be sure that self-employment is for you and that if you take the plunge, you will be one of the people whose business succeeds?

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Business Blogger

Business Blogging in collaboration with Mark Hayward is releasing a new E-Book series called “ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for your Business” The book is written for business owners who want to use blogs to help promote their business. The book has 140 pages full of quality advice and tips for business owners. The author Mark Hayward is a successful business blogging owner, blogger and blog coach and comes highly recommended by ProBlogger Darren Rowse. If you want to leverage the power of business blogging but are unsure how to go about it in the right way then save yourself a

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Paid Online Surveys- Legitimate Opportunity Or Scam?

Over the past few years, paid surveys have taken the internet by storm as a great many businesses pop up on-line offering money and other rewards in return for the completion of what is usually recognized as a ‘survey form’.

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Important Marketing Plan Components

In order to build a successful Marketing Strategy, you need a good foundation. Here are some Key Marketing Concepts, Marketing Plan Components and originative Marketing Elements. seeing the foundation of good Marketing will help you build a great Marketing Strategy.

Key Marketing Concepts

Committed to a well developed Marketing Plan Your Company is Customer-Centric and involved with your customers.  Understand your target customer base. Consistent Customer Follow Up Consent founded marketing leads to gross revenue. Sell Value & Benefits, not sizzle.  Sell Substance. Follow on Marketing or Subsequent to the Sale Marketing is highly economical, yet, exponentially grows profits. Have

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Do you need a Business Consultant?

A business consultant has many roles and can help an old company re-new itself and find itself again; help founders start and develop a new venture or purpose; help to turn around a company fraught with problems; help a company identify new opportunities and markets; or help a company develop a business success plan.

A good business consultant has experience working in and with a full range of businesses and has broad and narrow stroke experience and typically, twenty years or more of accumulated business experience.  Having an MBA from a good business school isn’t enough.  The consultant must have

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Want to Learn about Wholesale Sources? Read This.

Before the advent of the net business owners were required to spend a lot of time finding wholesale sources by getting in touch with companies directly and looking for wholesalers in the telephone book, trade publications, and at industry events. Nowadays the web has made it easier than ever to locate wholesale sources even though selecting the best source for your business still requires lots of work. Since it is so straightforward to locate suppliers for a lot of different items, it’s even more vital that you carefully research every single source you’re thinking of to ensure they have the

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Send Out Cards: Spreading Delight One Card At A Time

Send Out Cards is a greeting card company that was founded in 2004 by Kody Bateman. The company is privately held based on the network marketing sales model and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr. Bateman says that his inspiration for the company was several years ago when he had the feeling he should go talk to his brother. He did not and just a few weeks later his brother was dead. Mr. Bateman says he formed the company so others would have an easy way to follow their feelings to get in touch with someone before it was too late.

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EBay Drop-Off Centers: Selling For Someone Else

EBay has moved offline. Several companies, like Snappy Auctions and I Sold It On EBay, offer sellers franchises for brick-and-mortar eBay stores. These drop-off spots take customer items, evaluate, photograph, and list them online, collect the payments, and ship the items to their buyers. In other words, they do all the work - for a percentage of the selling price, of course.

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