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Do Businesses Trust Their Employees

This is a newsworthy quote that I found about Businesses trusting their employees to work at home. It’s a question I’d be asking myself if I had employees working for me at home. You don’t always know if you’re getting the most effective productiveness out of your employee. We all would like to push ahead with this popular notion of working independently from home, the benefits are immense in many ways, like sparing the environment and enriching our families life.

Less than one in ten UK businesses trusts their employees to work out of the office, new research has revealed.

This is despite 42 per cent of workers claiming that they would be more productive if they were permitted to work remotely, the study conducted by BT Business and Nortel found.

It is thought that managers may be reluctant to let their employees move away from traditional working hours and desk-bound positions due to a lack of trust.

However, John Wright, national chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, claims managers need to be more open minded in the current economic downturn.

“Last week’s bad weather demonstrated the need for British businesses to enable their employees to be productive, wherever they are,” he added.

As part of a new flexible working drive, international mining firm Rio Tinto has recently requested that employees clear their desks at the end of every day, Personnel Today reported.

I’m all for employers embracing this notion of having their employees work from home, but safeguards need to be setup and boundaries set. With all the available technologies that we have nowadays for sure a work scheme can be set up in order that the employees could be monitored to keep track of their productiveness. Both parties have to give concessions and allow for certain safeguards to be implemented. There’s a long way to go but if employers can arrange a suitable agreed working system that both parties agree to it will have lasting beneficial benefits for everyone concerned not to mention drastically cutting back on pollution.

I think the greatest persuasion for employers is beyond any doubt the immense cost savings that can be made. There are many online companies that promote work at home solutions for individuals and provide a tempting alternative for companies. With the global economy contracting by the day working from home is a viable strategy for the big businesses to take on board.

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