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How To Start A Candy Wrapping Business

What woman doesn’t love chocolate? Combine that with all the emails I get from moms who want to find a business where they are able to make money with their home computer and boy, have I got an idea for you! Chocolate + your computer = your new home business!

If you haven’t heard about the business of candy wrapping then let me give you a quick explanation. This is where you take a candy bar and you design and print your own wrapper to put over the candy bar’s original wrapper. Now you might be wondering why would someone want to do this? Well these favors make wonderful birthday and wedding favors. They are great for special events and get-togethers like family reunions and retirement parties, and can be used in fundraising events.

And it isn’t just chocolate bars that candy wrappers are finding to wrap. They’re also wrapping lifesavers, gum, tic tacs, mint, and even popcorn bags. Some wrappers are even wrapping non-food items like bubbles and matchbooks.

More Ideas Of People and Groups Who Might Want Your Service:

· Bridal shops

· Wedding planners

· Event planners

· Baby shops

· Obstetrician offices

· Florists

· Gift shops

· Specialty toy stores

· Trade shows

· Professional fundraising groups (try the school your kids go to)

Skills Needed:

The skills you will need for this business might be something you already posses. But it helps to be creative and have some knowledge of graphics software. However, there are lots of programs and free ready-made wrappers available on the Internet. Customer service skills are important too. You’ll need to market your business and there are so many great ways to get your business name out there. A chocolate bar with your business card wrapped around it would be a great way to get people’s attention.


Equipment that you might already have is a computer, color printer, some type of graphics software, paper for your wrappers, and in some cases you might need candy bars (sometimes clients will provide the candy bars and you just need to sell them the wrappers). When just starting out, scissors work great for cutting your wrappers, but as your business grows you’ll want to look into a nice paper cutter. You’ll also need something to stick your wrappers together. Glue sticks or tape works great. Make sure whatever you choose is acid free and photo safe.

Once you’re business gets rolling a little more, you might want to invest in a scanner and/or Digital camera if you don’t already have one. These are useful if you want to add personal photos to your wrapper designs.

When looking for paper, candy bars, ink etc. Try to buy in bulk. You’ll usually get a better deal and be able to keep more of your profits if you shop wisely.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Become A Virtual Assistant This Year

First of all, what is a virtual assistant (VA)? I like to explain it as a word processor gone wild. A VA is someone who works with clients, providing them with top quality support services without having to be physically present at a clients office. VA services are becoming more and more popular thanks to today’s technology such as email, the Internet, online instant messaging, fax, phone, and overnight delivery. Gone are the days of offices needing their support staff in the same building.

If you have a secretarial background or other support staff expertise and a love for computers and all the technology it offers, then here are ten very good reasons why you should start your own VA business this year.

1. Make An Income You Can Live On

It was reported by virtual assistant trade organizations that the average full-time VA working in the US would gross about $39,452 annually. Now that isn’t a bad income!

That is the type of money you can live on, even if you are a single mom.

2. The Need For VA’s Is Only Going To Get Greater

According to the George Washington University forecast of emerging technology, Virtual Assisting will become a $130 Billion Industry by 2008. Thanks to our growing technology, and the fact that it’s easier to just source out work to a VA due to the fact that a business doesn’t have to pay for any benefits when they out-source, this type of service will only get bigger and more in demand.

3. Are you feeling unfulfilled, unchallenged, and unmotivated? Is your current corporate job beginning to feel like a real drag?

Are you dreading getting dressed up, driving your commute to work, and working with a boss who is ungrateful and unappreciative? Do you love some parts of your job and despise other parts and wish you could do the parts you love more? Then becoming a VA might be something you need to look into.

4. Want to continue your professional working life without having to leave home?

Want the flexibility to work from home and have a better balance between work and life?

Maybe you’re thinking of having kids, or have had your first baby. You so want to continue your career, but you also want to spend more time with your children. Take a good hard look at the world of a VA. This type of home business will continue to give you the satisfaction of a career, while also offering you the ability to be there for your kids doctor appointments, their first step, school field trips, and running them around to after school events.

5. Gain the ability to work with people you want to work with.

Do you tend to click with certain types of people more than others? With a VA business, you can decide who you want your clients to be. Authors, salespeople, consultants, coaches, executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners are just a few of the types of people you could work with.

6. The ability to do more than just one thing.

Looking for a little variety in your business? Don’t want to get stuck doing the same thing over and over again? Here is a list of just some of the things you can do as a VA.

  • Administration
  • Writing services (technical or creative)
  • Business/employee communications
  • Proofreading and editing, research (online or traditional)
  • Word-processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Data entry
  • Database management
  • Message management
  • Scheduling
  • Bill paying
  • Simple website design
  • Newsletter distribution
  • Bulk mailing
  • Reminder services
  • Event planning
  • Special projects
  • Concierge services
  • Secretarial services
  • Research
  • Data processing/data management
  • Desktop publishing
  • Transcription services
  • Mail and email services
  • Telephone/fax services
  • Internet services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Purchasing services
  • Writing/editing services
  • Marketing services
  • Personal services
  • Santa letters
  • Proposal Writer

7. The ability to Niche yourself.

Choose just a few of the ideas above and take it one step further. Niche yourself. You might already possess knowledge in a certain area. You can contact those businesses you are already familiar with and work with them. Maybe in the past you had worked as support staff for a marketing company. If marketing is your thing, you can let businesses know that you can not only be their VA and take care of all their typing and database applications, but that you can also use your expertise to help them market their business.

8. Use the equipment you already have.

If you’re reading this article, then there’s a good chance you already have a computer, a printer, and fax capabilities. Why not start putting that equipment to good use and make some money?

9. The choice between working full-time or part-time.

Maybe you don’t want to work full time, but you need to do something to call your own. That’s great! You’ll be your own boss; you can decide how much or how little you want to work.

10. Being able to say you love the way you make money.

If just the thought of working with your computer and current technology makes you giddy, why not make money doing something you love? Grab hold of the opportunity to make as much money as you’d like and the ability to work from your home. You have the opportunity to decide who you want to work with, the type of work you want to do or not do, and your niche area. If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you visit *** to learn more about starting your own Virtual Assistant Business.

For More information on this business visit:

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