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Buying limited Distribution Content is Key

How often have you purchased PLR for your blog? And do you understand that you are not the only person that has purchased that particular PLR pack (Ok I’m guessing that you do). This PLR option is extremely cost effective but the pitfalls are glaringly obvious, Duplicate Content. So if you are purchasing PLR packs then it’s a good idea to find quality content that has a limited distribution to keep the value of the material intact.

A lot of PLR suppliers place no limit on their PLR bundles, so for all you know the same package could be going out to 5000 other blogs, but if the package is limited to say 50 sites then your material will stay the course much longer. Of course it goes without saying that you should rewrite the whole article to make it unique. It doesn’t have to be a huge job, simply change the title and add one or two new paragraphs, and always do a spell check.

The fewer competitors you have the less chance you have to worry about duplicate content. What you have to take in to consideration is that some of these PLR packages will also be offered as Resell Rights packages thus increasing the duplicate content available. When this happens, hundreds if not thousands of PLR sites end up offering the same PLR package. This makes the exposure of the content explode which in turn will severely dilute your success.

The Solution:

Make sure that you buy your PLR content from a seller that strictly limits the number of times that the package can be sold. So this will help your blog by reducing competition and avoiding duplicate content, it will also keep you at the cutting edge of your industry.

There are tons of people out there who need content for their websites and blogs.  To be ahead in the game, they must fill their sites with lots of fresh, new content. For instance let’s say everybody buys from one particular seller. If that seller allowed everyone to buy content and sold it to as many people as possible, just imagine how many people are then trying to rank their pages using the same content as you are.  It becomes an uphill task to keep ahead and make your site stand out from the crowd. There’s just too much competition.

But with a limited PLR package you will run into a lot less competition than you would a free for all package. Even if you do partake in free giveaway’s for PLR content you can still use your best judgment and re edit the material to make it more unique. It’s really just common sense to edit the article and put your own stamp on it.

If you were a consumer and you visited two sites with the same content or close to the same content would this lower your opinion of these sites? I know I wouldn’t go back to them in a hurry. Another thing to keep in mind is when you visit a site that has PLR content available, how are you to know how long this particular PLR has been there for. It may well have been given out thousands of times.


When you begin searching for PLR content for your blog keep in mind that you want as much exclusivity as possible, this way you won’t damage your online reputation. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and compared to ghost writers you stand to make considerable savings.

Resources from Google search for the phrase Limited PLR distribution content

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