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Is your call to action falling on deaf ears?

What’s your call to action? Are you scaring off potential customers?

I have to tell you I have come across many high pressured sales pitches in my time and yes I have fallen for a few and wasted my hard earned. I haven’t wasted my time buying all of these products; it’s just that I don’t have the time to put it all into place. One of the best services that I have come across is Resell Rights Wholesaler and the reason is that I can get the same products that very recently were selling for $30.00 to $60.00 a pop for a low monthly charge. I would say that nearly every product available is a separate project that can add to your online portfolio.

Sales people are instructed that you forever demand a call to action, a request to move or miss the chance of a lifetime. I am certain you have seen the squeeze pages, website introductions, online direct selling advances, and even aggressive seminar and tradeshow displays that will never be seen again, and so you had better act at once. You are acquainted with the terminology: “act now and we will post you 2 pieces of junk you do not need, but wait there’s a lot more, call back in the next 10 minutes and we will give you another worthless item.”

Does any well-informed individual genuinely react to these kinds of sales pitches, and what self-respectful business would in reality behave in this fashion? The truth is, whenever you sell something of value at a fair cost, and you give your buyers some respect, you’ll draw your share of business. You may not get all the business, who does, but the business you do acquire, will result in a lot more fulfilled customers, additional word-of-mouth referrals, and ultimately a lot more sales revenue. Aggressive tactics, and demands for instant commitment, scare as many likely clients as they snare.

Statistically it may be genuine that if an individual leaves your website without buying, the chances of them coming back to order are small, the trouble isn’t the buyer; it is what you are communicating, however you are telling it, and the expectations you have set for ascertaining your site’s performance.

Success isn’t a question of drawing in more hits, particularly if your subject matter is feeble, out of focus, and missing in overemotional context. Success is a question of how many people you relate with both directly and indirectly, and how many people come back to your web site because they’re connived by what you have to say.

To begin, a lot of products and services are either too difficult or technical or too high valuated to ask people to make an instant decision; and requiring this merely scares people away. Asking for an order is demanding a great deal, and leads to resistance. Asking for an individual to call or e-mail is more comforting and agreeable; it’s an offering to convey, provide assistance, advice, and info, and it is easily acceptable.

Orders are the consequence of building up relationships and relationships are built upon communication. You may not be able to communicate to everybody who arrives on your website but that only entails that your website’s basic job is to communicate what needs to be said so that it makes a unforgettable feeling, and allows for something more purposeful than a ‘buy at once’ push button. Begs the question, what is the best way to let your visitor understand and trust you, all I can say on that point is keep building trust and authority for yourself and your site. The thing to remember is that people have a choice, if they don’t like what they see then they hit the next button, but people also come back because they think that this offer merits another look.

What do you reckon? Leave a comment, That’s my call to action[superemotions file="icon_lol.gif" title="Laughing Out Loud"]

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