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Cash in by setting up your own Affiliate Network

Joining an affiliate programs is second nature to millions of webmasters but have you ever thought about starting your own Affiliate Network? Inviting others to sign up to your affiliate program is a great way to increase sales. Setting up your network is fairly straight forward and there are many off the shelf programs on the web to make the process hassle free.

Cutting out the middle man

If you are signed up to any affiliate program then you know how this works, if you make a sale you get a cut or percentage of the sale. So just reverse this method and get your own affiliates to sell for you.

Affiliate Program Resources Depending on your budget there are monthly payment options and one off payment scripts that you can look at.

A great place to start is “Ultimate Affiliate” []

(Reseller program) Pro version $200 one off payment

They have all the affiliate training and software that you should need to get started.

Run your OWN affiliate program! The script helps you build your own network of affiliates who will promote your products and advertise your website. Keep your affiliate links on YOUR domain, have control over YOUR own program - and forget about large monthly fees and click traffic fees. This one-time purchase will save you money! Fully featured, you can run a simple web-store affiliate program or an advanced multi-level matrix based replicated website affiliate program.

Locked Area Pro £29.00 []

Locked Area is available in two versions, Lite and Pro. [membership/affiliate program]

Locked Area Lite is everything you need to setup a secure member’s area on your web site. Fully automated online registration form, comprehensive administration panel and powerful user account manager tools are all included free of charge, and the automated installation wizard enables you to have everything setup in a matter of minutes.

Locked Area Lite consists of several elements, the key three are the registration form which visitors use to register member’s area accounts, the user account manager which member’s use to update and manage their account, and the administration panel which the web site administrators use to manage the member’s area users.

More Affiliate Program alternatives

E-Junkie provides you copy-paste buy now buttons and shopping cart to let you sell digital and tangible products. They take care of interfacing with the payment processor you want and also do secure and automatic delivery for your digital products. (Reseller Program)

With E-junkie you can centrally manage your products from your admin panel while selling your products on multiple locations (your website, your blog, MySpace, Craigslist, eBay etc.) at the same time.

What you need from an Affiliate Program…..

Easy to use, centrally managed service

Digital storage & delivery for files & codes

Supports multiple payment processors

Copy-paste Buy Now and Shopping Cart buttons

Supports variants for tangible products

Shipping and packaging calculator

Sales tax and VAT calculator

Packaged products

Inventory management

Product promotion

Discount codes

Affiliate management

Autoresponder, updates & newsletters

Sales tracking, built in support for Google Analytics


Download link renewals

Easy integration with 3rd party and custom services

Logs & e-mail notifications

Payloadz: Paid and free versions, similar site that allows you to set up your own affiliate program within the Payloadz site visible to the public. With Payloadz you can upload digital products up to value of $100 completely free. Upgrade your membership for more benefits and options. They take care of all downloads and payments with pay now buttons that integrate with all the top payment processors. (Reseller Program)

Finally Keep the Spammers out!

Whenever you run an affiliate program there is always a danger of attracting spammers who will stop at nothing to line their pockets. You have to be diligent and monitor your affiliates, so if you get a warning from your hosting company or you receive an email from a disgruntled customer take immediate action and terminate the offending affiliate.

Ignore this at your peril, it’s better to be safe than sorry, if you don’t act fast you could find yourself blacklisted and even have your hosting terminated. By all means contact the affiliate and ask them to take action by removing the spammer from their list.

There are plenty of good reasons to start your own affiliate program but even if you’re not ready for it yet you can still check it out, I haven’t called all the options in this post so give me your thoughts. I will follow up with a post on tracking and managing your affiliate programs in the next couple of days so stay tuned.

Thanks’ for reading

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4 comments to Cash in by setting up your own Affiliate Network

  • I used payloadz for a while. It is an excellent way to start your affiliate program for free. Once you build up your affiliates and they start making selling you can easily upgrade to the paid version.

  • . o O ( Easy Member Pro - Easy to use + Powerful Membership Script Reviewed: Scam or Serious? )

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  • [email protected] payment calculator

    I used payloadz too. Still, I’m looking for something new now.
    “Finally Keep the Spammers out!?” Well, some of them are still manage to beat the filters, but overall it is a good service.

  • Cool post about affiliates, keeping them and selecting them is the key to the success. Keeping the spammers out is the most important thing to do to avoid being banned or blacklisted. The wrong step in this business can lead us to a complete distress and money loss. Thanks for the programs and links, some of them have been useful for us.

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