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A lot of people who are thinking of giving up their full time job to work at home are doing just that! “Thinking about it”. Many people from different backgrounds and locations have taken the plunge and committed themselves to earning a full time salary from home. I can understand why a lot of people are reluctant to go ahead what with all the economic uncertainties, pretty much every day you hear of another big company who has cut the working week. Being innovative and flexible are qualities that you need in this ever changing landscape. Who knows where we’ll be this time next month or next year, the time to act is right now to protect yourself and your family.

A New Solution, Co-Working

Some people just don’t like the idea of working on their own, so why not introduce a collective workshop, kind of like renting out an office space for software developers, entrepreneurs and freelancers working their own projects, this is part of a trend called “co-working.” There are some innovative people who have caught on to this trend and offer shared offices to these individuals. A lot of self employed people are tired of working on their own from home so they see it as a way of reintegrating their old workplace ethic but retain the independence of working for themselves.

QuoteCo-working is part of this trend, “I still love working at home, but I really benefit having casual conversation, spontaneous dialogue with new acquaintances” this could be the way to go. There are countless opportunities available for the motivated individual. Independent workers can network, share ideas and build camaraderie. Groups are typically small and based in welcoming coffee shops; some can have a more formal structure and can be based in community centers’.

If you want to find out more then check out this Google search to get the ball rolling. The trend of co-working is now quite widespread with communities in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Groups tend to be more concentrated in urban areas and include the more popular creative industries from IT like graphic designers and software developers.

Some more Resources


Co-Worker Wiki: A huge list of links for co-workers from all over the world. Top Resource

Co-working Google Group

If you have started your own co-working group or have joined one then why not share your experience and leave your thoughts.

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Auto Submit RSS

While surfing the Warrior forums today I came across a thread discussing auto submit RSS software, one of the warriors asked the question…

“Hello Folks,
Can anyone recommend me a good RSS Feed submission software? I have Bookmarking Demon for Social Bookmarking and I am looking for an equivalent at the RSS end.”

My reply

“I do not understand why people get sucked into buying this type of software. There are so many alternatives that do not cost you a penny. If you really want to use this type of software then why not get it for free. Check out JVs they are packed with freebies. Your own WordPress CMS delivers your pings every time you post. Checkout RSS Auto submits from BlackHat Blueprints a small script that you upload to your server and auto submits your URL and RSS feeds.”

In my reply I mentioned three alternatives namely WordPress, JVs and Blackhat Blueprints so let’s take a closer look at these options and expand on to more options.

Your WordPress CMS (content management system) is a very powerful tool and along with the right plugins can be extremely efficient in many areas. For RSS it automatically pings and submits to the aggregators. If you go into your WP admin panel, find the writing link in your settings dropdown menu then, scroll down to the Update Services Box, here is where you want to paste in as many of the top RSS aggregators URLs as you can find, don’t forget to include the http:// and save after you have finished. Finished done over FORGET.

BlackHat BluePrint

The BlackHat BluePrint that I was referring to is another addition to your RSS submission efforts, a very effective plugin that auto submits your RSS feeds. But I won’t bore you with my thoughts on this Guy, check him out for yourself, one thing I will say though there is absolutely no pressure, since I signed up to receive his updates I have only received relevant updates and every now and then a great offer.

JVs (Joint Ventures)

I know harp on a bit about Joint Venture giveaways but they do come up with a surprising amount of valuable free gifts. So this is why I mentioned this in the Forum, okay you might have to do a bit of searching and plundering but I reckon you should be able to find scripts that will auto submit your RSS feeds. You shouldn’t have much problem in finding them just Google Joint Venture Giveaway or Firesales.

Other RSS Options

Join up to some top Blog Directories; this is fairly self explanatory, sites like Technorati or Blog Catalog and MyBlogLog are great sites to start with along with social network sites where you can include your RSS feeds, the list of sites is pretty inexhaustible, practically every site allows you to include your RSS feeds. The end result is quality backlinks to your blog or website.

If you have any more suggestions about Auto Submit RSS software or any other relevant views on RSS then leave a comment.

Nice blog about technology, run by a smart young student named Padalo from Japan, I think!

The Omnibot 17μ i-SOBOT, a bipedal robot developed by Tomy was awarded the top prize in “The Robot Awards 2008″. Tomy has sold 47,000 of these robots worldwide and has been recognized for its significant contribution to expanding the market. The lightweight i-SOBOT is 16.5 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 350g. With simple operations, the robot can..
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Testing Mini Forms Plugin

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Just Testing out the TDO Mini Forms Plugin, still has a few kinks to iron out. So the invitation is open to any Internet Marketers to post a message, Register Here. Keep it straight and keep it informative. Cheers

Know exactly what you want your prospect to do. Many businesses just want more business. You have to be more specific than that. Write down exactly what you wish for your prospect to do after he is finished reading your copy. Do you want him to sign up for a free newsletter? Then make all of your copy lead him towards making that decision. Do you want her to buy your company’s new unconventional dog leash that can give her more control of her Siberian Husky? You’ll have to know that this is the specific task that you want her to perform, and write a headline that leads into copy that shows her what to do next.
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