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Taking a Break Changing Direction

I am taking a break and changing direction away from Web-WorkAtHome for a while. I feel that I have covered most of the work at home categories and want to concentrate elsewhere. My interest has waned and there’s no point in posting if my heart is not in it. The break away from web-WorkAtHome will give me more time to expand my other interests which are primarily in ecommerce and social networking. I suppose this is all part of blogging, you move on to what drives and interests you the most and I have been itching to spend more time

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FirePow Blogging Software

FirePow Software Review

As blogging and in particular blogging for profit becomes ever more popular amongst online entrepreneurs, we’re seeing new tools developed to assist in this process being released, what seems like every week.

In this post I’m going to talk about one such tool, FirePow Blogging Software, because I believe it might just be a cut above the rest in terms of its flexibility of use, and overall effectiveness in accomplishing the three primary aims of blogging - creating a blog, managing it or maintaining it, and getting traffic to it.

It was hard to know where to start with this

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Using your Blog to sell a service

Do you have a service that you want to sell or pitch online? If you have a blog and you want to promote or sell a service it can be a useful alternative source of income. You can use your blog as a springboard to extend your talents into freelance consulting or coaching. When you have been blogging for any length of time and you are reasonably good at what you are doing you will get requests from people, who want some form of consultation. I have had a few requests myself from other online locations like FaceBook, but

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Free versus Premium WordPress Plugins

There comes a time when you need to ramp up your blogging machine by using premium WordPress plugins. Free plugins and there are thousands of them are both useful and beneficial to your WordPress site but sometimes they just don’t cut the ice. I would still argue that there are many free WP plugins that do an excellent job of enhancing and promoting your blog, but if you want to take it to the next level then premium plugins have many more advantages.

The thing about free plugins is that the developers go through a pretty tough time just trying to

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I need to overcome procrastination & work smarter as my blogs are wasting money

I got asked the other day from a friend on FaceBook what other tools I use apart from ReviewAZON to go about my daily business.

His concern: “I need to overcome procrastination & work smarter as my blogs are wasting money”

Well the short answer is everything on the web that allows promotion and exposure. I sometimes wonder why its’ so hard for people to believe how any individual can earn a living online. People often ask me what software or tools I use to make money online, the truth is my biggest asset is my time. When I say my

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So you want to start Blogging with WordPress!

I decided to write this article after someone on FaceBook asked me to give them a hand with WordPress; it was a request from someone in business who had never got into Blogging but had an interest in WordPress. Truth be told I was a bit flattered because I am not an expert by any means, but then I thought to myself “I used to be this person” and let’s face it everyone has to start somewhere. Unfortunately I just don’t have the time to take someone by the hand and guide them step by step, but what I will

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