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A closer look @ 360innovate

Today I want to draw your attention to utilizing specialized companies for all your SEO and Web design tasks. In this post I will write about a local SEO Company based in Scotland's largest city Glasgow. It's important to have a good relationship with any collaborative marketing campaign, so when it comes to picking out a good company to outsource your SEO and Web design it's vital that you can communicate in a constructive and beneficial way to add value for both parties. Continue reading

Start your own Specialised Cashback Site

Following on from the previous post about Cashback and coupon saver schemes I wanted to update you on my progress. In that last post I said I would use Sharesale and PepperJam to join up to relevant affiliate programs for my new venture. Well I didn't use those sites; instead I went for more specialised CashBack sites and joined up with BigCrumbs and GreasyPalm. These two sites were well worth signing up to and opened my eyes. I wanted to get geo targeted promotions from both sides of the Atlantic, namely the US and UK markets. So BigCrumbs was perfect for the US and GreasyPalm suited the UK market. Now if you have ever visited these two Cashback sites or any similar sites, then.. Continue reading

CashBack Shopping Portals

Price comparison or Cash back sites are big business at the moment due to the present state of the world economies. There is a healthy choice of options to pick out on both sides of the Atlantic, and I would say a good working model for the individual webmaster to earn some extra cash from. I know from my travels on the various blog communities and around the web that plenty of individual webmasters and more established bricks and mortar businesses are latching on to this thriving online business. As one of the fastest growing areas within affiliate marketing, loyalty and Cashback sites have come to play an increasingly important part for affiliate marketers. Continue reading

Essential Tools for eBay Success

Selling products on Ebay is easy if you have the necessary tools, oh yes it is, but hell it's competitive. Selling products on Ebay is one of the best ways to start making money working from home because you do not need a lot of initial capital. This post outlines some of the essential tools that you will need if you are considering starting your own internet based business selling products on Ebay. If you are serious about becoming a successful Ebay seller, then it is important that you get the tools discussed in this post as they will ensure that you succeed in your home business. Continue reading

Is Dropship Design taking the P***! Price Hike

DSD (Dropship Design) have lost the plot! I got the shock of my life when I logged in to my store to renew my domain name. Without hardly any notice or email they have announced that they are going to charge me £14.99 per month from February. Long story short; the deal was you bought the package with a one off payment, and then the only payment after this was the yearly renewal of the domain name.This is the message that greeted me upon login..... Starting from December 2008, all members of Dropshipdesign will be subject to a low

eBay in Tough Times

There's never been a better time to sell, the gloomier the economy the more bargains there are for everybody. This is a great opportunity to make yourself some extra cash from eBay in tough times. How and where are the best places to look for popular products to sell on eBay; finding the right products to sell on eBay is an important factor that will determine whether you make a lot of money on eBay or not. Deciding on the right products to sell is one of the main challenges many people face. Whether you empty out you attic or clear out… Continue reading

Shop For Your Own Online Store

RAOK Suggestion #15 Buy something on the internetImage by garethjmsaunders via Flickr
I have covered this subject before on a couple of occasions but I believe it merits another post. People will forever be shopping; it’s a needful necessity in all of us, you might ask “so why would I want to start my own online store”. Good question! Let’s see if I can give you some reasons why and perhaps persuade you to take a closer look... Bear… Continue reading

eSources Market Research Wizard

Image representing EBay as depicted in CrunchBase
This is the tool every professional eBayer and online retailer has been waiting for. It will give you a tremendous edge over your competition and ensure you can make maximum profits from your online listings. It is not uncommon for reports to indicate increased sales of up to 80% when you follow the advice given, at sales prices as much as 60% higher than listing randomly alone. The wizard will tell you precisely, for any… Continue reading