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SEO Ultimate Multi tasking WordPress plugin

We make use of them every day for our WordPress sites that is of course SEO plugins which is probably the most important plugin of them all, but which one serves you the best? There are plenty available to download from I myself have tried three different core SEO plugins with mixed returns, in this article I will concentrate on just one called SEO Ultimate. Its worth noting that any plugin that gets released is only as good as its developer and if that developer doesn’t keep up with code upgrades then the plugin becomes a liability.

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WordPress plugin overload makes for a slow blog…especially on a shared server

WordPress wouldn’t be WordPress without plugins but they do have a tendency to slow up your blog especially if you over do it. So after reading an article by Blogging Pro entitled “Blogging Pitfalls: Plugin Purgatory” I decided to run a test using the suggested Pingdom site speed tester tool which runs a full spectrum scan of all your bits and pieces and breaks down each process to show you how long your page takes to load. It’s quite surprising what comes up, it did pinpoint certain plugins that were using more server resources than others. It also

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3 Reasons Why You Should GetDan Raine’s WordPress Silo Plugin

Silo Building Plugins are remarkably rare and effective and simple ones like Dan Raine’s, Wordpress Silo Plugin are even rarer. In fact, there is nothing currently on the market that is in the same league. Of the few products that have been created before, none are as easy to install, configure or maintain as the Wordpress Silo Plugin and with Dan Raine standing behind it, you can be sure that updates and improvements will be made.

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WordPress 3.0 Arrives at last

It’s taken longer than expected for general release but here it is, enjoy… For those who upgrade within your dashboard it might take a while for it to propagate through the web.

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WordPress 3.0! Where is it?

For the everyday WordPress user who isn’t too adept at coding and just wants a blogging platform that will deliver easy usability features, then the forthcoming release of WordPress 3.0 will brighten up his day. For the hardcore developers and geeks alike who know a thing or two about CMS (content management systems) this update is a step in the right direction but doesn’t go far enough. So far there has been several beta releases from which incidentally is getting a major makeover, the 1st RC release means that most of the bugs have been squashed and

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