How To Prepare Your Squeeze Page

Squeeze me please me but make sure you tease me before I treat myself to your offering!

Tell me how many times you have come across a squeeze page while browsing the web; you may even have clicked from an email link that lands you on one. To be successful in Internet Marketing you will have to include squeeze pages in your strategy. If you are starting from scratch there are a lot of steep learning curves that you have to get over. The term Squeeze Page is used by IMs to suck in your prospect and induce him or her

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Optimization Power Tips

Here’s a few tips to Build your Page Impressions and build your traffic.

Traffic is your aim so try these optimization Power Tips.

Any true internet marketer will tell you this, and this has even more weight if you’re enrolled with the AdSense program. The success or failure of your campaign will greatly depend on how many visitors you’ll be able to get to your web pages.

There are numerous ways by which you can generate traffic for your website. Here are just 9 of them.

1. Off page SEO, refers to techniques you can employ outside of your web pages, after they have

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How to Design your own WordPress Theme

I found this post the other day about designing and producing your own WordPress themes, this definitely appeals to my sense of uniqueness. The template I have at the moment is okay but I would love to expand the design and layout. My biggest problem of course is my limited technical knowledge and with so many other daily tasks I’m afraid design takes a back seat. So I began to search and research this popular and lucrative subject. Below you will find the beginning of a very comprehensive list to get your teeth into. To see the complete list please

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Top 10 tools Domain Search

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a new Domain Name then check out My Top 10 tools Domain Search suggestions.

Domain Search Finding a domain name.

Domain Search allows you to use wildcard search of all current, deleted, and expired domain names for over 8 years worth of history. …Good choice of tool options available with easy tab navigation for suggestions, Directory, Domain Parking, Typo Generator and many more.

Name Boy

Find domain names, creative domain names and domain names search. Nameboy has been called the ultimate domain name maker, domain name picker, domain name chooser, domain name search, website name generator and

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My Top 20 WordPress Plugins

What plugins do you use?

In this post I want to discuss WordPress plugins and narrow down which ones are essential and which of them are useful in other ways. As any self Hosted WordPress user will tell you, plugins are essential for many important parts of your blog from SEO to Statistics and a myriad of other uses. This list includes my top 20 plugins that i use regularly, at the time of writing this list I have 42 plugins and I dare say other WordPress users have a lot more; so I would love to hear about your plugins

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Do you need a Safelist?

I was recently asked what a “safelist” is.

The easiest way to explain a safelist is that people allow you to send them emails about related offers! In other words lists that they have signed up to in order to receive relevant information that they are looking for.  (Optin List)

Let me elaborate a little on this.

Many people get confused and think a safelist is about building your own mailing list but it’s not! It’s about accessing a mailing list that’s already been built for you. ($ Premium $ or free).

A mailing list that already has people signed up and

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