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Tips on How to maximize your Opt-in list

Make your link clear When you are advertising or otherwise placing your link make sure that it is clear what it is for. Label it as your newsletter opt-in or email list opt-in. Make your link prominent Make sure that when you place your link that it is easy to see and not hidden amongst other things. Promote on your home page Make sure you let people know right off that you have an opt-in list. Let them know what it is and encourage them to opt-in. It should have a nice spot on your home page where it is easy to see. Offer back… Continue reading this article

Small Business owners Virtual Summit (Free Promo Code)

No travel required.   No hotel room needed. Meet and network with fellow small business owners and industry experts -- virtually and conveniently from your home or office. If you are a small business owner and want to tap into expert advice about your industry then check out the Small Business Owners Virtual Summit. The added bonus of virtual summit is open discussion about small business issues where you… Continue reading this article

How to make Ads that sell

This has to be one of the most important elements for any would be IM today, to make your ad sell. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the importance of an effective sales copy. Writing ads that sell will make you or break you, there’s been a lot said about sales copy in the various formats from long squeeze pages (uhg) to simple ads, whatever your message is, if you get it right then you will surely reap the benefits from increased sales. Before we get into the finer points of ad copy here’s a quick reminder in case you need… Continue reading this article

Marking up products you bought for peanuts

Make easy profits on eBay every week by marking up products you bought for peanuts from secret government surplus sales: buy laptops for £45 and sell for £150. Everybody loves a bargain this we know, and what better way to tap into this trait with a combination of eBay and Government auctions. I haven’t been into eBay for ages but I know that the top sellers in this fiercely competitive market place use tried and tested tactics. They include setting up your profile page professionally along with selective products that sell. It’s no secret that top eBay sellers buy in bulk from many sources which include wholesale providers. Another quick and very profitable way to make inroads is to get involved… Continue reading this article

Renegade University IM Training

Here's a closer look at the many options open to you through Renegade University. For mentoring and training programs this one offers you a solid foundation from very experienced mentors. As a University or Professional member with Mike Klingler and Ann Sieg, you have several different training opportunities available to you that have been set up just to provide value for you and help you move forward in your Attraction Marketing training.  There is so much you can be doing right now, for free, that can help you connect with other Renegade marketers and fill in the holes in your training. The Works Team -  The Works Team provides free training every Monday night on a predetermined… Continue reading this article

Your White Paper is More Important Than the Paper Itself!

In 1854, Henry David Thoreau said 'Build A Better Mousetrap and the World Will Beat a Path to Your Door.' Henry David Thoreau lived in a different century than you and me. Henry David Thoreau never invented any mousetraps. And the world never beat a path to his door. I think that Henry David Thoreau was snorting cocaine. That was then, Mr. Thoreau, but this is now. Today, if you've got better mousetraps, new technology, or a superior solution to any kind of business problem, you're faced with some very tough challenges. Your customers and prospects are inundated with choices. They're relentlessly pursued by salespeople. They hide behind their computers and guard against unwanted pests… Continue reading this article

The Susan Boyle Phenomenon means Opportunity

We have all seen them from time to time, news stories about breaking phenomenons or popular trends that gather lightning quick responses around the social networks. When you see a breaking story for the first time that interests you think for a moment of how you can monetize and profit from it. One such recent success story called "the Susan Boyle phenomenon" has captured people's imagination. For any canny IM this presents a golden opportunity, shortly after Susan Boyle's appearance on the show, a user created a channel as a fan site, and got over 150k page views/day in less than 48 hours, according to So for $10.00 to buy a domain name and 2 or 3 hours setting up the site this individual has cashed in... Continue reading this article