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Sqip PEPs are coming to an end very soon!

During the first week in October the PEPs will be gone.

This means that free, rewarded and the PEPs to purchase will no longer be available.

Equity will be locked in and continue to grow in value but only members who qualify will be put into the equity buy-back program.

As per the terms, you need to have a minimum of 103 PEPs to qualify for the buy back.

If want to qualify for the buy back before the PEPs are gone then you either need to introduce 3 new members or buy a Booster package.

You still have several days to qualify.

What’s replacing the

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Free Personal Finance Calculator

Here’s a free gift from Rob & Bev’s newsletter, an hourly rate & expenses spreadsheet calculator. All you need to do is replace the pre formatted costs with your own. This simple free personal finance spreadsheet along with a personal monthly budget spreadsheet will better prepare your finances. To compliment the spreadsheets there are two PDFs entitled “Hourly Rate” and “Pricing” both these books go into more detail about setting up your pricing strategies for products and services along with hourly income calculations, you put in the yearly income you want to earn, and the spreadsheet calculates the rest for

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Sqip is Live at last

Sqip finally gets the green light

The developers have given us the green light to go live on Tuesday. 28th April.

Our team of volunteer members have done a great job in testing and reporting bugs and issues with the sites and these are being fixed step by step.

No system is ever totally bug free but the developers have been working to make the portal as smooth and as bug free as they can within the timeframes they had to work with.

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Sqip Latest 11th April 09

Our developers are in the process of merging the affiliate back office area with the portal login system. We were aiming for this to be completed today but it is not quite ready yet.

Apart from minor bugs the sites are functioning well and what bugs have been discovered by our testers are being fixed.


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Is Entrecard Changing for the Better?

Entrecard will start allowing members to transfer their credits for cash from this weekend (11/04/09) there seems to be a lot of debating whether this major changeover will keep everybody happy. The main argument is how they prioritize who gets paid first; Entrecard has setup an algorithm to determine who gets paid first.

So it all comes down to your activity as

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Update on Web-Work At Home commenting system

Update on Web-Work At Home commenting system, I am now using Intense Debate plugin for my blog. I have found that there are just too many issues with my previous commenting system. Intense debate is an excellent system which integrates seamlessly with WordPress. You can easily comment whether you are signed up to Intense Debate or not. If you have any problems in leaving comments or you have some feedback then please drop me an email or leave a message on one of my services.

If you want to find out more on my change-over and my elusive bug hunt, then pop over to my personal blog @ and please let me know if you have had similar

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