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Studying for a Career is big Business for online Education providers

An opportunity to profit from the “Further Education” market

This is a very good niche to get into at the moment and has been for a while; it has all the elements of being a success if promoted the right way. The further education industry is a huge market worldwide as an example the North American Market in 2008 was worth a cool $2 billion. There are many that believe online learning is equal to or superior to classroom learning.  With a well designed website you could profit from several well targeted monetization methods. There are affiliated products as well as

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Become an Online Investigator

How many times have you watched your neighbor across the street through closed drapes or blinds? Something about him seems suspicious, and your instincts are on the alert regarding this shady neighbor.

You see strange people coming and going at all hours of the night, and his house has been broken into three times in the last month.

You find yourself wondering why. Your best friend calls you, distraught, and tells you she thinks her husband is having an affair. She desperately wants to know the truth, but is afraid of a confrontation with him.

Another friend was involved in a traffic accident,

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Challenge 21 Mystery Shopping

If you’re 18, 19 or 20 have the perfect work for you. If you’re at university or college or even in full time work, they have work which can fit around what you do. Challenge 21 mystery shopping means that you can get paid to shop, eat and drink in areas close to you and keep what you buy.

Challenge 21 is a government backed scheme introduced by the British Beer and Pub Association, which encourages shops, supermarkets, pubs and bars to ask young people for proof of age identification when purchasing age restricted products.

There can be serious consequences for businesses

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