How to get Targeted and Guaranteed Unique Visitors

Looking for more targeted traffic for your website business? Then perhaps this will solve your problem.

We started these affordable package deals to help advertise small businesses on the web. Whether you need 1,000 visitors or 500,000 visitors. We can help. It’s easy and really fast, just pick the package that is right for you and click on “Buy Now”.

The quote above is from which has a wide range of SEO packages for small business and individuals. The site also has a great reseller program which you can use to build your downline; they offer 15% commission per sale on

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Optimize your WebSite for Local Search to Increase Business

The World Wide Web is a huge market and finding common or popular trends to market makes sense, but what if you just want to get the attention of local searchers? The most obvious candidate for this type of website owner would be any local business and in some cases, individuals. When you think of traditional advertising you think about yellow pages, local papers and media from television and radio.

Nowadays search engines are particularly geo targeted to the needs of local searchers and this segment of the search traffic is proving more and more popular. In order to connect to

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Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing

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Welcome to the only guidebook series that takes a visual approach to professional-level computer topics. Open the book and youll discover step-by-step screen shots that demonstrate over 140 key search engine optimization techniques, including analyzing your competition, researching and analyzing keywords, developing your link building skills, and s[Read More]

How to use Google Analytics for your Google Site Placement

The Google AdWords network is the biggest online PPC ad network out there. Millions of users everyday around the world are exposed to ads from Google.  How many of those are your ads, and how many out of those millions are seeing them?

You’re may already be running a search campaign, but are you on the content network? if you aren’t then why not?  You’re missing out on the opportunity to exponentially expand your reach to customers around the world that you aren’t getting to by using search.  Using Google Analytics to help you refine your Google site placement within the

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Testing your way to a profitable website

Selling any product online requires an effective testing strategy.

If you are struggling to make money with your website or blog then perhaps it’s time to change the rules and really analyze your situation, testing your website can bring you a wealth of information that if used properly will open your eyes. People who are successful on the web today are constantly tweaking and testing their model to gain an advantage over their rivals. Little tiny improvements over time build up and give you that edge over the competition.

Testing is very straight forward with various free scripts and applications available, but

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