How Social Oomph can explode your Twitter presence

This post was written due to a recent conversation that I had with a fellow Amplify user Jamie Pelaez who was extolling the virtues of Social Oomph’s premium services. My conversation about Social Oomph’s integration with Amplify was probably less than flattering to Social Oomph in as much as I thought out loud that it was a pity that this was only available to premium members. That being said Jamie went on to lambast me about Free Vs Premium services in general and I have to agree with Jamie that people do have to get paid or else why

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WordPress to twitter plugin upgrades are a pain in the ass

No doubt most of you will now be aware that twitter recently changed it’s login/connect for third party developers and applications. Well perhaps some of the developers should get their finger out and upgrade their Twitter plugins for WordPress. I myself was expecting the Twitter plugin I use to upgrade and conform to twitter’s request to use the OAuth authentication method, NOT SO. TwitterSifu did not upgrade and this resulted in total chaos for me. It was extremely annoying and very time consuming to put right. Read on …


Since TwitterSifu was dealing with my whole network and

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New Twitter button links for self hosted wordpress

It didn’t take long for the developers to get one of these plugins out, enjoy

Twitter’s fabulous new tweet button is making waves around the world as we speak, and companies are hustling to get their sites hooked up with it. Massive blog host is no exception, and the company has their integration ready to go. (source TheNextWeb)

For WordPress self hosted users check the links below to get your own Twitter official buttons

See this Amp at

WOW! HootSuite5 with HTML5

I just had to post this mini post to alert anyone who isn’t using Hootsuite yet. CHECK IT OUT NOW. Browser support for HTML5 seems to favour Chrome and Safari although i haven’t tested out opera, as for the IE latest version whatever it is … doesn’t do well. Chrome rules  (-; The only niggle is the image support for FaceBook sharing which can slow down things a bit but it is worth the wait as the images do make your FaceBook time line prettier. (-: I just love the tabs that you can have lists to follow and multi feed accounts view or individual

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Schedule Updates for Google Buzz via SocialOomph

SocialOomph have just released the first round of Google Buzz integration. You can now schedule Buzz posts in exactly the same way that you can schedule Twitter tweets and FaceBook updates. In addition, your Buzz posts can have attached links to external sites and pages, as well as attached photos.

The Buzz API is still very new, and needs additional work by Google before we can add additional Buzz features. That’s why we call this release only the first round.

Google Buzz integration is available to both Free and Professional users.

Professional users have additional features, such as

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Twitter Posting Tactics

If there was only one tip that I could give about Twitter then it has to be diversity, in other words keep it fresh and diverse. All too often I come across twitter user’s who self promote to the extreme and don’t share the web. Twitter is for many, a simple online text tool that they can use to connect to their friends and family through their mobile phones or computers, and that’s fine. For the serious Internet Marketers who want to build up a sizable following then posting tactics are vital ways to reach out and engage, in other

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Is Blogging a dying art? And is Micro Blogging taking over?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the micro blog phenomenon with supporters claiming that it will overtake mainstream blogging. There’s no doubt that the micro blogging platform and more importantly real time search is a hot potato at the moment. With new alliances forming through Twitter from the giants of search it’s an exciting time. Twitter has definitely strengthened its position as the top micro blogging service on the web with its latest addition of lists for users. You can bet there will be a lot more to come.

Would I change over?

Leaving statistics aside

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A Legitimate way to make money with Twitter

Are you tired of clicking links in Twitter that promise all kinds of incentives only to be let down again and again? And do you want more than just a fake following that doesn’t respond anyway? There are hundreds of so called Twitter guides and scams out there on the web. Personally I’ve given up on a lot of these programs that promise you thousands or tens of thousands of new followers, come on folks it just isn’t possible unless your Oprah Winfrey.

There is always an explosion of interest on the web when something new comes out that

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