Start your own Talk-Show

Just imagine owning your own talk-show. It can be on  Internet Marketing, Blogging OR specific subjects like Pets, Relationships, Gardening, Golf, Sports, you name it.
These days, talk-show hosts are more famous than a lot of their guests. While you might not be able to make your way onto TV unless you try out the X-Factor(-:, you can star in your own talk show on YouTube for free. Work hard and soon everyone will be clamoring to be a guest on your show.
THOUSANDS of people are doing that right now, and making money from it. But, what is amazing is that

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How do I start Podcasting?

Whatever your into online whether its making music or providing tutorials,  Podcasting can add real value for you and your visitors.

Here are some excellent resources to get you started if you want to get into Podcasting.

Creating, promoting, and distributing your podcast to reach an online audience of possibly millions is relatively easy. You can get your podcast online in about 5 - 10 minutes. It can help to increase the audience for your business. Podcasting is becoming more popular as many bloggers turn to the internet radio shows to get their music/message out.  source: WikiHow

Recording Apps

Record the audio for your

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