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Centralised E-Marketing Helper

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Today’s post is about “EMarketing Helper” which I discovered on the Warrior forum, basically it’s a sales letter marketing suite, but it also has a bundle of tools to analyse your web stats along with article and squeeze page editing tools. Bear in mind that this review is based on my own first impressions, since the application is only in beta stage there are still a few bugs and kinks to clear up.

My Initial reactions are fairly positive,

Here’s an overview of the Tabs from top to bottom in the application.

Brandable Software Tab:

The makers are still working on this option, but I should think that they may well be looking for suitable partners to brand their software and open up user options.

Create a Website:

This part of the EMarketing Helper has all the editing elements that you would need for producing your own sales letter or squeeze pages. Because this is the beta version you don’t have any choice of templates or graphics but you can import all of these elements from your hard drive. As for the general setup and layout of your sales page this tool guides you through every aspect step by step. So I would say that most people could produce some excellent sales pages without too much fuss.


I can check any website in analysis mode, create a sitemap and website. The analysis mode checks Meta data as well as content, links and headings as a search engine would see it.

W3C test: A very useful addition that analyses you’re Mark-up Validation, mine is a total mess, lol

Research Tab:

I found these tools to be very useful, the results for keywords of your choice are screened through Google, Yahoo and MSN as well as AltaVista. The analysis spits out PPC prices along with search volumes from the aforementioned search engines.

Find affiliates: another useful tool that searches for possible affiliate partners, for this test I used the default keyword “marketing” and set the results to 40. It was a mixed bag of results but with enough URLs to explore for possible affiliates. The results also gave Google PR and Alexa ranking along with how long each site has been online.

Analyze Backlinks: through Yahoo, Google, AltaVista

I set this to 100 results and it did take about 5 minutes to get the results, the information was a bit inadequate for Yahoo, only giving PR, Alexa ranks with the page title. There were no keyword or whois data. Results from Google for backlinks were a lot faster (30 seconds) and Results from AltaVista backlinks, as fast as Google.

Overall the backlink analyser produced mixed results with Yahoo coming off worse showing repeat links far too often. Google and AltaVista were a lot more revealing, showing backlinks from article directories and social networks along with blogs and websites.

Marketing Tab:

Website submitter, this option submits your website at the time of counting to 57 engines and directories. The results all came back as submitted but there was an error message that flagged up a possible send conflict. The system only asks you to input your URL and email. There are still one or two bugs to clear out of this tool.

Email Sender: This looks like a handy tool but I haven’t got around to checking if it integrates with Outlook or my own online mail server. The interface is simply laid out with input boxes for your SMTP and port settings along with your user name and password to your preferred choice of email client. Since this is still in the early stages of development I will give this option a miss until I get more feedback, never the less another very useful tool for your marketing suite.

Article Submitter: This is not yet available and the developers are still working on it.

Content Tab:

I wasn’t very impressed with this tool, maybe I need to give it some more time. As far as I can make out, you insert your main topic keyword then choose how many sentences and topics you want to pull in from the web assuming that it is using random sentences from web or blog pages, you then have the option to use this as a starting point for writing an article. I think most bloggers will give this a miss.

Plagiarism Detector:

I found this tool to be very useful and was quite surprised at the results. So you import or paste a text document, and for this test I imported a PLR document from my HD. The article was around 450 words and the results searched through 319 sentences and declared that the article was minus 115% original. Since the document in question was about MLM it’s hardly surprising. Useful additions; you can right click any of the source results to save phrases or visit the web source.


I translated the same MLM text document from English into Spanish and it took seconds to do. BUT we all know how unreliable computer translators can be, so without an experienced translator I can’t tell if the finished translation is acceptable.

3D Box Shot:

This is another tool that is still in development and is not available yet. I presume that this is the same 3D Box Shot software that is available online, and no doubt the developers are still working on integrating this into EMarketing Helper.

For me overall I am happy with this application, it has a lot of potential to help Internet Marketers. You can have all of your marketing tasks centralised into one desktop application. There is obviously a lot more to come and a few kinks to iron out but I would happily signup to future releases.

If you want to try it out for yourself then check them out at EMarketing Helper you will have to give your email address along with your name and country, small sacrifice really.

You can keep up with the Warrior thread about this application and see what reactions are forthcoming.

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2 comments to Centralised E-Marketing Helper

  • VladNo Gravatar

    Thank you very much for your review.
    A new version of EMarketing Helper has been released with a series of new improvements :
    -5 new templates in Website Creator (Sales letter creator)
    -Import contacts feature in EMail Sender (imports contacts from your GMAIL, YAHOOMAIL or OUTLOOK account)
    -Import emails from inbox (imports thousands of email addresses from the inbox of your account)
    -Article creator now searches for sentences in google/msn.
    -Spell check added in article creator
    -Video tutorials are finished :
    +Many more

    If you have any other suggestions don’t hesitate to email me. I will implement them asap.

    Thank you again,

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