I’m sure most FaceBook members have had this so called breakthrough application ChatToText land in their inbox that promises to earn you some extra cash, the promotional video claims that you can place this application on your FaceBook Page and anywhere else for that matter. But I have had my reservations and I am always suspicious of any new program that claims to be the next best seller. After doing a little surfing and research I came across AllFaceBook blog which shed more light on this new so called fad.

Effectively if you put this application on your FaceBook front page you are violating their terms of service and it could get you banned from FaceBook. So please be aware and don’t just throw your money away, sure it’s only 6 bucks but I’d rather give this to charity than line the pockets of what effectively is another pyramid scheme.

For more detailed information about TextToChat read AllFaceBook’s Post

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