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Converting Traffic into Money with Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing is the most powerful form of generating leads and sales online, its popularity knows no bounds. Many individuals and businesses use this type of marketing every day to endorse their products and services. When you think about it the concept of running a business online doesn’t differ that much from traditional businesses. The biggest task for any online business is converting traffic into sales and to do this you must use a multitude of proven strategies.

Broadcast and print media

There are numerous online services available to you that have audiences in their millions. I have written about E-Books several times on WWAH and they can be used in many ways including publishing to print.

Broadcasting your products or services on video has never been easier; all you need is a microphone or a camera. You can start publishing your own video or sound files completely free of charge. These interactive marketing tools are incredibly useful and sticky for repeat traffic to your blog. Remember to communicate effectively about your product profile and benefits within the shortest possible time. This is just the way it is online or anywhere, if you don’t get someone interested in the first 10 to 15 seconds ….Kaput!

Always capture that list, it doesn’t matter where you are on the web whether its video or audio, make sure to include a link or better still a form for people to fill in.

Diversify: use as many different tactics and broadcast methods as you can find, I know some people will say “oh but what about spreading yourself to thin” and I concur to a certain degree. Working smart is the key here so use viral methods by utilizing one point of contact to publish throughout the web.

Using the Ad Network:

There are many different formats of online ads posted around the web, so you must make use of these formats whether it’s PPC or Content Network to find what’s right for your product or service. You must have a definite and flexible marketing plan that can be changed at a moment’s notice to keep up current marketing trends. Attracting more traffic to your website is important, but you need to convert this traffic into increased sales.

You can use various targeting methods for Internet Marketing and increase traffic to your website. Getting traffic to your site is only part of the jigsaw; to truly benefit you need to convert that traffic into sales or real cash.

Look at the following items below and follow the strategy that you think will work for your Internet marketing business.

  • Identifying markets- you can concentrate your marketing efforts into the core market that has a use for your products. For instance, if your online business is about children’s books. You can place online advertisements on websites that offer free pointers about child care.
  • Exchanging links- you can exchange links with other websites that are related to the products that you are offering. This can help you increase the visibility of your online business to individuals who need your products.
  • Article writing- You can spread awareness and provide information about your online business as a whole through writing articles. You can post these articles on sites that offer general pointers about a wide range of products. You can also submit it to article directories and have it republished to high-traffic websites. This will further increase your business visibility among clients who are looking for information about products that they want to purchase.
  • Online forums and bulletin boards- getting involved in online forums and bulletin boards can be a highly effective strategy, since you can encourage potential clients to visit your site if they are looking for advice and help on the products that you are offering.

Internet marketing is a huge marketplace and with targeted marketing strategies, you will reap the benefits. Getting noticed is part and parcel of Internet Marketing, you may have all the traffic you need but if it’s not converting then it’s useless.

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5 comments to Converting Traffic into Money with Marketing Strategies

  • Video Marketing

    Great post!

    There are lots of ways to build traffic to your website this include blog posting, community posting, classified posting, video marketing and many more.

    This convert traffic strategies will eventually convert into sales if we did it correctly. You want to drive more traffic to your website? I do article, social media & video marketing to promote small local businesses. I appreciate your article. Thank you!
    Video Marketing´s last blog ..Local Internet Marketing Question? My ComLuv Profile


  • used tiresNo Gravatar

    Sometimes the hardest part for some marketers is converting the traffic into money, and for some.. it is exactly the opposite. For me at least… the hardest part has always been getting the traffic. But I guess once you find that right “zone” you can really reap the rewards =D

    Till then,



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