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How to Create and Setup Your Own Webinar!

Webinars are one of the most effective communication tools of all time. Imagine creating your own webinar and presenting your ideas, products or services to hundreds (even thousands) of people at the same time! You are just a few easy steps away from maximum communication efficiency!

Step 1: Create a webinar presentation that gets people to take action.

Whether you are using the webinar to sell condos or tell them you are the best dentist in town, every webinar should have a call to action. That “call to action” could be go to my web site and buy my product …or it could be pick up the phone and schedule an appointment, but the goal of every webinar is to get the webinar attendee to DO SOMETHING! Never forget this.

Create a powerpoint presentation that educates and engages your attendees. Tell them exactly what you want them to do and how to do it. This is the most fundamental rule of webinar planning.

Step 2: Choose a webinar hosting company.

Choose a webinar hosting company that accommodates your needs and your budget. There are quite a few to choose from. If you anticipate less than 1000 attendees and you plan on doing several webinars in a year, I suggest using GoToWebinar.

Step 3: Set up your webinar.

Once you have chosen a webinar host, you need to know how to set up your webinar. The webinar host will have a set up page that will ask you for a webinar title, description, date and a time. It will also ask you to set up any polls or surveys.

A poll is a great way to interact with your attendees. For example, you could ask, “Are you facing any of these obstacles in your field?” You could then give four possible obstacles and let your attendees vote for the one they face the most.

This is a great way to get your attendees to admit they have a problem that is not easily solved. And when you show the results of the poll live on the webinar, it is great social proof that they are not alone and that many also struggle with this problem. They are also in a better place to ask for help by purchasing your products or services!

You can also use an exit survey when conducting a webinar. See if your attendees enjoyed your presentation, and ask them what helped them the most. You can use their responses as testimonials for your next webinar or webinar replay.

Also, ask them if they would recommend your product or service to their friends and family. If they answer “yes,” then pick up the phone and call them after the webinar because they have indicated they are a hot prospect and warrant a phone call!

Step 4: Upload your registration web page.

After you set up your webinar, you need to invite your attendees. You can use the generic registration page that the webinar hosting company gives you, or you can create your own. I prefer to create my own so I can control the look and feel of the registration page. This also allows me to differentiate myself from all the other webinars out there.

Here’s a great tip: require FULL CONTACT information on your registration page. Then before the webinar begins, you can send them a reminder phone call. Afterwards you can follow up with your attendees because you will have their mailing address.

You can even get fancy and offer a slightly different offer for those who didn’t buy the first time!

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  • Cynthia

    Hmmm, but isn’t it easy to set up a webinar using skype instead of all proprietary software for which you should pay?

  • Hi,
    You would think that Skype and other similar services could do the same job, perhaps there not as specialised, then again maybe they are. Webinars is not something that Skype doesn’t offer they should allow you to communicate and collaborate.

    You can Install Skype on your computer & roll it out to everyone in your company network. So theoretically it should allow you online conferences and collaborations.
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  • Webinar, that’s an interesting notion. After reading this article I performed a quick search and found some awesome webinars with free attendance. I applied to one and hope I’ll be able to see it soon.

  • Chuck

    Nice post/article on webinars and I’ll bookmark. I see virtual meetings overtaking real ones within the next 30 years as 3-D technology becomes widespread.