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Quick overview of SocialSam

Want run your own Social Network Membership website? Well you can with SocialSam. Anybody who wants to expand into Social Networking especially businesses, can have an impressive array of membership benefits. You can set up your own custom branded private social network and combine e-commerce, social networking and a membership website.

This site has captured the need for this type of attention marketing or social media that is so popular. What this site also offers is a deeper insight into how Social media works; Social media after all is all about sharing and networking ideas. If you get this message and you allow the free flow of viewpoints and information from individuals then you have a viable business. The site mainly targets business and entrepreneurs who have that extra drive to get to the next level.

One of the main points that George Tran talks about in his video is getting a competitive edge by using Social media as opposed to Search engine marketing, the former being a lot more cost effective. It makes sense when you think about the costs involved doing SEM which can be very costly, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What’s on Offer

  • Scalable from 10 members to 10 million members.
  • Prices start at just $7.95 per month.
  • No software to install, no servers to configure. Everything is handled for you.
  • No need to configure, apply or buy a SSL certificate.
  • We handle backups, RAID, firewalls and virus protection for you so you can focus on your business.
  • No HTML to program! Just upload your logo, create your forums and upload your content.
  • Create Membership Packages and set access rights according to your own business rules.
  • Use your own merchant account information so you can start collecting money immediately.

E-Commerce & Promotion Integration

  • Forums and Discussion Groups (with complete access management control)
  • Recurring Billing - Membership fees/dues automatically collected
  • Member Profiles, Member Search, Friends and Photos
  • Membership Management System
  • Shopping Cart, e-Commerce Solution
  • Built in 2 Tiered Affiliate Tracking System*. Allows you to pay your members for referring others to your network
  • Event Calendar
  • Event Registration*
  • VAM™ Technology - Allows members to mine, upload and send network invitations to their e-mail contacts from Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail and many more
  • Classified Ad System
  • e-Course Content Distribution System
  • Article and Content Management System

8 minute introduction into Social Media from founder George Tran

SocialSam is definitely worth taking a look at, especially if you want to increase your exposure and gain a stronger foothold for your business.

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10 comments to Custom Branded Social Network Website

  • Currently I’m member of 10 various social networking sites and have a decent number of friends over there.These sites are also sending a fair amount of traffic to my personal blog.

    Thanks for the nice post.

  • George Tran

    Thanks for the review Bill

    Here’s a recent presentation about why you would want to create a social network that combines the power of social media and membership website (for residual income).

    You can find this on my blog at

    George Tran
    Author of “The Social Marketing Manifesto”
    Success Strategies for Small Businesses using Social Media

  • Mike Waters

    Wow thanks for the article !!! How did you hear about us? We love to see others talking about us and were just wondering, who told you the good news.

    We also do consulting with people to help them build their own communities. That can be really tough as well for business just getting started in the social networking arena.

    • Hi Mike,
      I found you through the usual channels on Google after I read someone’s article, I am always researching and looking for new material for WWAH. I bet the consulting side of your business is very rewarding, as you say individuals as well as business can make inroads into social media much more productive.

      Thanks’ for the comment also thanks to George Tran for his input

  • My own social network membership? this is so interesting. Thanks you for providing us a post like this.

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