Direct TV and the Internet

So apparently the UK has the highest percentage of users going online compared to the rest of the world and overall the worldwide online users continues to grow. This is great news for anyone involved in marketing online, but it is also prudent to follow other media sources like Satellite and Direct TV service subscriptions. The two mediums actually go hand in hand and there are plenty of opportunities to profit from both.

Online Statistics

The average user visits 70 domains and will view roughly 1576 web pages each month. This is according to statistics recently released by Nielsen Online , for the month of April 2009.

Nielsen Online shows that most people will view 42 pages per online session which would typically be 1.02 hours long.

Each month the average person will spend 37.21 hours browsing sites online.

On average each internet user would experience 36 browsing sessions per month.

The report showed that those in the UK visited a larger number of domains per month (86) and had more sessions per month (47) than the majority of the countries in the study. In support of these increased statistics the report also showed that the average UK user spent 55.31 hours a month browsing websites.

The monthly study also indicates that US users only clocked 36 sessions on average each month and spent 38.37 hours per month browsing. This sets the US at a lower number of domains each month than the UK but still places it above average.

Nielsen estimates that there are 374 923 074 active internet users Worldwide.

If you compare these figures against television audiences, taking into account all the Direct TV packages including cable and satellite, there’s no competition. There are so many big entertainment shows and sporting events, one example I wrote about before was “Britain’s Got Talent” where Susan Boyle had massive worldwide TV audiences. The Susan Boyle story is a case in point which overlapped onto to the Internet, specifically Youtube where it was a huge hit. As mentioned before one resourceful webmaster built a website around the popularity of this subject and profited. You can use many examples like this over and over again, all you need to do is research the web and Direct TV for the next hot story.

All of these trends can be used to structure your strategies for your online activities; taking into account the figures for satellite TV audiences you can gage reactions and plan ahead. If you look at reality TV for instance, this TV genre has exploded over the last decade or so. Direct TV system services are flourishing at the moment and this can be another opportunity to expand your reach.

How do you plan to profit from Internet and TV?

Feel free to leave you thoughts…..Thanks’ for reading


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