Do you need a Safelist?

I was recently asked what a “safelist” is.

The easiest way to explain a safelist is that people allow you to send them emails about related offers! In other words lists that they have signed up to in order to receive relevant information that they are looking for.  (Optin List)

Let me elaborate a little on this.

Many people get confused and think a safelist is about building your own mailing list but it’s not! It’s about accessing a mailing list that’s already been built for you. ($ Premium $ or free).

A mailing list that already has people signed up and waiting to receive your emails.

If you imagine for a moment, that you have your own product for sale online…or not! it doesn’t matter (You do not have to have your own product!)

This method can easily be used to promote your affiliate links too (somebody else’s product!) Right, so let’s imagine you have your own unique product, but no matter how hard you try, you just cannot get people to visit your site.

You know your product is great but with no one ever seeing it, you will obviously find it pretty difficult and won’t make a single sale.

If only there was a way you could get REAL people to see your product, you know the sales would come pouring in (depends on your level of subscription to the SAFE LIST).

So you have zero traffic visiting your site, how are you going to get traffic, as fast as possible, with the least effort? It’s simple; you are going to enlist the help of a safelist.

The safelist will allow you to send your offer to a mailing list and instantly send traffic to your site / pitch page. All you have to do is create your ad or email (take a look any ad in Craig’s List for inspiration).

The safelist owner will do the rest for you (Pick a reputable company). You don’t need to build a mailing list because you use the safelist owner’s mailing list. (That doesn’t mean giving up on your own onsite efforts; this tactic merely compliments your overall strategy)

Remember, this mailing list has already been built up! (These people actually want your email) You are not sending spam emails because the people on the safelist have agreed they wish to receive future offers related to a certain topic.

So the next step, you type up your ad and it gets sent to all the safelist members for you. The people receive the email with your advert, and then they visit your site, simple enough!

I am sure you can see the benefits of using Safelists.

If you think that using a safelist could help you with traffic generation and online sales then I suggest you visit this page before you get started:

If you are already using Safelists to increase sales and traffic and would like to add another one to your campaigns then I suggest you try out this one:

I hope you found this information useful in your quest to online success.

Let me know of your own experiences and leave a comment or share this post and twitt me!

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