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Don’t grab WordPress SEO Secrets

Reviewing is at times a pain in the butt, Point in case Chris Garrett’s review or lack of it on “WordPress SEO Secrets”, as much as I like Chris Garrett I am a bit disappointed in his very short review which doesn’t really shed much light on the product. The product on offer claims to guide you through the SEO minefield; for the uninitiated I would suggest that you seek out this freely available information.

Where to look? Here are just a few excellent sites to check out.

SEO Chat
Google Webmaster
Google Analytics
SEO Plugins (Google Search)
SEO for Firefox extension
PPC Web Spy

This is just a short list of very useful resources and I’m sure you can find a lot more. By all means spend $127 if you want to be guided by the hand, or check out these resources and sign up to some top SEO newsletters along with RSS… for no more than your time. Another fantastic resource is the SEO forums which can be found all over the web, it never fails to amaze me the valuable information that is shared on these forums.

Warrior SEO
you make the choice

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5 comments to Don’t grab WordPress SEO Secrets

  • Michael Martine

    Bill, you could have written this post as a helpful list of resources and left it at that, and your readers would have been happy and pleased. You also could have become an affiliate for WordPress SEO Secrets, and then presented the affiliate link as a “one stop education” alternative with a lot of bonuses. That would’ve been a win-win for both you and your readers. In fact, it would have been a perfect textbook case study of how to do internet marketing and affiliates sales the right way.

    If Chris had written a critical post which wasn’t based on experience with the product, I’m sure that would have caused his readers to think less of him. They would have wondered if his intent was to deliberately rain on my parade, even though doing so would gain absolutely nothing for himself or his readers.


    Bill Masson (WWAH)No Gravatar Reply:

    Michael first of all thanks for your comment,and you are entitled to your opinion. I dare say that Wordpress SEO Secrets is a great product and in no way am i belittling this. My fundamental point to my readers is that they can get results themselves without spending any money, I promote a lot of affiliate products but i also try to encourage my readers to research the web and stand on their own two feet. I still stand by my first statement about Chris Garrett and his review, I was just surprised at the shortness of his description of the product. I am sure Chris’s readers will not be put off in any way, people do have a choice (-:


    Michael Martine Reply:

    Thanks for responding to my comment, Bill. I kind of wish Chris had written a more thorough review, too, but the irony is that he didn’t do it for me, and I didn’t ask him to. I told him of the product and asked him if he wanted to look at it, and it was all him after that. And even if it was a bad review, it would still be attention, publicity, and insight into how to improve it. I’m just one of those people who sees everything as an opportunity, I guess. :)


    Bill Masson (WWAH)No Gravatar Reply:

    Okay Michael, thanks for letting me know, I will pop over and take a closer look at WordPress SEO Secrets, I love doing reviews, and if it is really hot then I will eat my hat.:-)

    Bill Masson (WWAH)’s last blog post..Thanks for Visiting

  • it is say to difficult but not bed.i read this topic .it is good and different.its mean nice post with good theme.keep it up..


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